12 Days of Fitness: The Ultimate Christmas Workout

Amongst other things, Christmas is often a time of feasting. Endless turkey, treats and maybe a tipple or two can lead to a slip-up in our daily fitness routine.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy workout to ensure that in the build up to the big day on December 25th, our body is all set for a ‘cheat day’ or three.

So as Christmas day gets nearer we urge you to give our 12 Days of Fitness a go. Each day, just add the next drill onto your exercise plan, until you have the full 12 item schedule down to a tee for your ultimate Christmas workout.

There’s no need to stop when we pass into the new year either; this great circuit is fun to try at any time!

12 Days of Fitness

If you’re one of many people that will start 2018 with the New Year’s Resolution to get fit, remember to take all precautions to avoid injury. That includes a good warm-up and stretch, as well as warming down once your work-out is over.

Furthermore, having good Sports Accident Insurance in place will mean that should you suffer a serious gym injury, you could be entitled to claim. Get a quote today and see how you can get protected.