41% Of Gym Users Have Been Injured Whilst Working Out

A recent study has revealed that two in five Brits have injured themselves whilst training. While this may not be a massive number, it serves as a stark reminder of the need for insurance in the gym and fitness industry.

Research by personal injury solicitors Hayward Baker showed that as much of the UK looks to get in shape for the summer, injuries are never far away, with 41% stating they have suffered an ailment in their journey to a fitter self.

And with the gym being the workout location of choice for much of the population, it’s unsurprising that many of those injuries occur there.

The study

“This is the time of the year that many injuries and accidents can happen,” a spokesperson for Hayward Baker said.

“It’s vital you understand how all the equipment works and that you know your limits.”

Ensuring clients know how gym equipment works is very much in the gym or personal trainer’s interest. Should a gym-goer injure themselves and deem their PT or the gym itself is to blame in one way or another, legal action could follow.

While the most common problem suffered in the research was a simple sprained ankle (21%), serious injuries can spell big trouble for businesses.

One in 20 of those that responded to the survey claimed that they were never shown how to use gym equipment properly. In this situation, the gym could be liable for thousands of pounds in damages. This would come after a potentially costly legal case.

Costly insurance claims

Protectivity have received a number of claims from gyms and personal trainers after clients were injured. These ranged from tripping on a gym mat, to falling off an exercise ball to one claim of a barbell falling on a claimant’s face.

The average cost of these claims hammers home the need for comprehensive insurance. The median value of claims from gyms and PTs after injuries to clients exceeds £8,500. One claim reached the value of £5,000 when a customer dislocated a knee when falling over, while another gym claimed for over £10,000 when a customer injured muscles in their leg after doing an exercise. The most expensive of these reached an eye-watering £30,000.

These figures may seem extreme, but with the latest figures showing that gym injuries are extremely regular, they need to be considered. Without insurance cover, these claims could have seen the gyms or fitness professionals dig deep into their pockets to fund their defence in court, before having to pay any damages that are deemed necessary.

Gym manager or Fitness Professional?

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