5 Great Apps For Professional Dog Walkers

Whether you’re a professional dog walker, groomer or trainer, using mobile apps can have a beneficial impact on the way in which you run your business.

From management software, to marketing help, to something that’s just a bit of fun, there are apps to fill all of your operational needs.

We’ve picked out five apps pet business owners and dog walkers in particular shouldn’t be without.

Tractive Dog Walk - Cost: Free

Tractive Dog WalkingWhile Strava, is the go-to tracking software for cyclists and runners, Tractive Dog Walk is the one if you’re exploring with a canine companion.

With GPS tracking, you can keep tabs on exactly where you’ve walked for both your own benefit and that of the dog’s owner. A handy extra feature is the ability to share photos from your walks and the locations they were taken with the pooches ‘parents’.

iFootpath - Cost: £1.99

iFootpathThough not exclusive to dog walkers, iFootpath is an app that those heading outdoors with their (or someone else’s) pooch should not be without. Whether you’re looking to change up your routine, or you’re branching out into a new location, simply input your postcode and iFootpath with throw up a number of great walk options.

Users are presented with photos, terrain guides and the option to add a walk or two of your own. A great choice for those who don’t have a set number of walks planned out already.

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Scout - Cost: Free

Scout for Dog WalkersThere are plenty of apps out there that can help you plan your schedule and track your appointments. Where Scout stands out is that is has been designed specifically for pet care professionals.

Business owners can add and move appointments, adding specific notes about the dog’s requirements along the way. If you employ any staff, users can even assign a staff member to that particular walk. And for that added special touch, dog owners can be messaged via the app, and can also track where their precious pooch is at all times when with their walker.

Wave – Cost: Free

WaveOnce you have attracted all of those clients and their dogs, walkers need a way of managing the payments being made to them.

Wave is a great invoicing and accountancy web tool designed for small businesses. You can not only issue invoices via the system, but users can also add Smart Pay by Wave to their website, allowing visitors to pay for dog walking or grooming services without the need for generating an invoice.

With payroll options and receipt tracking software, this initially free tool is great for your pet business.

Puppr - Cost: Free (many in-app purchases)

Puppr AppsNot every dog you walk will be the most well-behaved, and sometimes a little extra training wouldn’t go amiss. With Puppr, users can watch videos of training drills to hopefully improve the behaviour of even the most difficult of dogs.

Led by a previous America’s Got Talent finalist renowned for her dog training tricks, there are few better apps of this kind on the market. While it’s not cheap to get the full range of features, with the ability to learn new tricks, track a dog’s progress as well as having the option for a live helpline, it’s a price well worth paying.

There are many other apps for dog walkers and pet service providers, but these five are some of the highest recommended. Another thing that is very much recommended is Protectivity’s Dog Walking Insurance in order to cover you and your business should something go wrong that not even one of these apps can fix. 

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