5 of the Best Apps for Mobile Hairdressers

September 4, 2019

Last updated: August 31, 2022

As a mobile hairdresser, you’ll want to make your job as straightforward and organised as possible, all while keeping up with the latest trends. There is a whole world of apps for those in mobile hairdressing, to help you in every part of your job, from inspiration to organisation.

Whether you are new to hairdressing or are an established stylist, there are apps available to support you and your business. Here, we cover the best hairstylist apps for mobile hairdressing:

1. Best app for inspiration Pinterest

Pinterest is great for inspiration for anything and that includes hair styles, colours and beauty, which makes it perfect for mobile hairdressers. Over time, Pinterest’s algorithm learns about its users, including what subjects they’re interested in and what images they like to see, to provide content that is tailored to your interests. So, whether you are looking for ideas for how to decorate your salon, an up-do or a creative idea for using colour, don’t overlook this popular app.

2. Best app for appointments: Salon Iris

This is a great salon app with an easy-to-use appointment booking system which is great whether you are a salon owner or a freelancer. They have different packages available to suit businesses of different sizes and can take the stress out of managing the diary – leaving you to focus on enjoying your work and doing the best job for your clients.

3. Best app for managing payments: Square

Restricting payment methods to cash only can be frustrating for some clients but now you don’t need to put this restriction in place. Square is a mobile payment processing system which uses your tablet or smartphone. Using Square means that you can accept card payments, including contactless payments, without needing to invest in expensive software or card machines.

4. Best app for colour: Hair Colour Booth

Hair Colour Booth is a fun app which you could get your clients involved in when choosing their colour and seeing what it might look like. It can be a great conversation starter and help you to get creative with your hairstyling. While not designed specifically for the hair and beauty industry, this app is a great one to help show the transformation of a new hair colour.

5. Best app for hairstyles: Hairstyle Mirror

This free hairstyler app allows your client to take a selfie and then see what they would look like with different styles. Great for talking through hair-style ideas with clients, this one is also a lot of fun to try!

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