6 Therapies That Are Great Back Pain Treatments

Suffering from back pain can affect anyone at any stage of their lives. Pain can range from mild to chronic pain but can disrupt daily life. Medication or surgery in some cases are likely solutions but there are alternative treatments available.


Physical Treatment, also known as physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function through a series of manual techniques or exercises. Typically treatment is given through exercises repeated regularly over a fixed period of time. The physiotherapist would monitor their patients progress over this time period, adjusting the treatment and exercises as needed.

Traditional massage

Massage treatments are ideal for treating back pain caused by muscle stress or tension. A skilled massage therapist will target the right muscles, providing pain relief. A massage therapist will stretch and massage the effected muscles returning movement and reducing pain for the patient.


Reflexology involves applying oils or creams and massage of the key pressure points in a patients hands, feet or ears. For example, the pressure points for your shoulders and upper back are located on the soles and tops of your feet. So an intensive massage in this area will bring about relief in the effected area. Typically, treatment is provided regularly over a number of weeks.

Chiropractic treatment

This is a well-known method of treatment for back pain, where chiropractors will use a series of spinal manipulation and treatment of the surrounding area to reduce pain. Chiropractic treatment can reduce the amount of medication that a patient requires to be pain free.

Mindful meditation

Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) changes the way that the mind processes pain, which in turn can reduce the negative impact of back pain. Treatments would typically involve a series of sessions involving relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation and body awareness.

Herbal remedies

There are a range of herbal remedies available which contain anti-inflammatory properties. Available as powders, capsules or tea there are a range available each providing different benefits.

Aloe Vera – Great for Arthritis
Cats Claw – An anti-inflammatory which can reduce swelling
Eucalyptus – Can be used topically to reduce back pain
Ginger – Can calm inflammation making it great for treating sports injuries
Valerian Root – Commonly used for treating anxiety and depression thanks to its relaxing properties. This extends to the muscles and nerves.

As explained above there are a number of back pain treatments from massage to herbal that provide an alternative to traditional medication.

It is always sensible to check with a doctor before taking any other herbal remedies or pursuing any other alternative treatments.

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