7 Trends Event Organisers Should Look Out for 2022

So that you are fully prepared and organised for the year ahead, let’s lift the lid on some of the most influential 2022 event industry trends.

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Protectivity is a specialist in niche commercial, leisure, and lifestyle insurance. We cover thousands of individuals and small to medium size businesses across the UK, offering a range of tailored insurance products, such as Event Insurance, to protect our customers against unforeseen events.


In this blog, we consider the principal trends likely to affect the organisation of events and the way our tailored insurance solutions can protect you against unforeseen events and the disruption of your carefully managed plans:

1. Technology to the rescue

The events industry – just like practically every other sphere of economic activity – has been hit hard by the restrictions of successive coronavirus lockdowns. Technology has played a vital role in ensuring that the business of events organising continues unfettered in some shape or form.

As a posting on the American website Exploding Topics explained on the 11th of October 2021, technology has come to the rescue in many ways – especially the blending of real and virtual events.

2. In-person and virtual events

The hybrid solutions made possible by technological innovation are typified by the clever combination and organisation of in-person and virtual events – something we can expect to continue well into 2022.

3. The emergence and development of micro-events

Another response to the restrictions necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic is the emergence of more frequent but smaller hybrid meetings, experiences, and happenings – the birth of the so-called micro-event.

Whereas the typical event in 2019 might have been attended by an average of nearly 5,000 people, says one insider, the numbers from now onwards are likely to be much smaller.

Large, in-person events that might once have been held annually are giving way to smaller, more frequent, virtual and hybrid events and micro-events that can be held throughout the year. This creates the possibility of attendance on-demand and participation by smaller groups receiving personalised content, points out the website 6Connex.

4. Safety first

The higher incidence of online events, combined with the continuing need for safeguards against Covid in-person, means that both virtual and physical safety takes on a priority for event organisers.

5. Experience is everything

As events have moulded and adapted to the new, challenging circumstances of hybrid, in-person, and virtual manifestations, so much more has come to be expected of the eventual experience.

So, when you prepare for the events you will be organising in 2022, be prepared for participants to look forward to something that amounts almost to the transformational.

6. PR is king

More than ever, any event becomes a PR opportunity – whether for you as the organiser or for your clients. The steady emphasis on events as convincing PR tools will be one of the underlying trends of 2022.

7. The chance to upskill and hone your talents

One of the principal reasons for the investment your clients are likely to make in upcoming events is the opportunity for professionals to upskill and hone their talents as indispensable employees of client organisations.

Get ready now for some of the key trends you are likely to encounter in the year ahead and the events you organise in 2022 may prove even more than usually ground-breaking and successful.

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