7 Dog Walker Interview Questions

So, you’re thinking of setting yourself up in business as a dog walker. Let’s imagine that you’re about to talk to a prospective new client. What questions will it be essential for you to answer during that dog walker interview?

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Interview responses

Here are some tips and suggestions about those crucial questions you are likely to be asked during the dog walker interview.

1. Why do you want to work as a dog walker?

Your potential client will be looking for an answer that displays enthusiasm for the work, patience – with animals and their owners – and a love for dogs.

Maybe you are not able to have dogs at home, so walking dogs is another way for you to interact and care for them. Or maybe you have always worked with animals.

Explain why you are passionate about being a dog walker.

2. How do you manage dogs that misbehave?

This is your chance to talk about your experience in handling all kinds of dogs and the extent to which you have learned to interpret and manage their behaviour.

Maybe you use positive reinforcement techniques, such as rewarding good behaviour. If you have dog behaviour or dog psychology training, let your client know.

Ask the client what they do and if they have anything that works if their dog misbehaves. That way, you using the same method provides consistency with the dog.

3. How do you prepare an anxious dog for its first walk in your care?

Owners will be concerned that you can quickly establish a relationship with their pet, calm any anxieties on the part of the animal, and reassure the owner that you have the appropriate experience, knowledge, and skills relating to dog behaviours to deal with any initial problems.

Take time to understand your client’s concerns. You may suggest meeting the dog together with the owner for the first time and going for the first walk together.

4. Are you scared of any breeds of dog?

Your prospective client wants some reassurance about your confidence around dogs of every type of breed – and your ease with and love for them all.

5. What action will you take if a dog slips its lead?

Here you will be looking to demonstrate the experience you have of similar events and circumstances – and the intuition and skill you have employed in coming up with a solution. Most of all, you will need to display the fact that you will keep calm.

6. Where will you be taking my dog for walks?

The owner is likely to have more than a good familiarity with the area and those spaces where their pet is most likely to feel at ease – in the company of humans as well as other dogs. Listen to where your clients enjoy walking their dog and incorporate that route if you can. All animals love familiarity.

7. How many dogs will you be walking simultaneously?

Ask your client what they want. Some owners will have dogs that fear other dogs while some will want their dog to be socialised. Some owners might feel they are getting more for their money if you have sole care for just their pet whereas the chance for the dog to meet and socialise with others could prove even more valuable.


You will want to welcome any opportunity to describe your background, experience, and knowledge about dogs – and your love for any kind of involvement with any breed.

A dog walker interview gives you that chance to reassure prospective clients that you will do so with enthusiasm, care, and love for the pets they have entrusted to your care.

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