8 ways for Personal Trainers to Reconnect With Past Clients

The sports industry and specifically personal trainers is a competitive one. Keeping hold of the clients you already have is clearly a top priority but, what can you do to reconnect with those clients who have used your services in the past?

1. Understand why they left

A questionnaire for all clients who leave can be a great way to understand if there are any improvements that need to be made.

For example, it might be that a client left because you couldn’t offer them the hours that suit them. If, at a point in the future, you can provide this time slot you can use that to restart a conversation.

2. Offer them the next goal

Often clients will work with you to reach a target and achieve a specific goal. This means that the risk is that they will leave once this target has been reached.

So, offer your clients the opportunity to aim for a new goal and therefore continue using your services. For example, if their target was to reach a specific weight, work with them to improve their fitness or train for a specific event for example.

3. Database

It is advisable to keep a database of clients and potential clients. For all clients, past and present and for new enquiries, ask permission to add them to your database. You can then send them details of future sessions, programmes and offers.

It is very important that you obtain permission to do this and store clients data responsibly and in line with GDPR guidance.

4. Marketing

Having a good marketing campaign will enable you to have the tools in place to reach out to potential and lapsed clients. Ensure that you have an impactful and informative website.

Make use of social media such as Facebook and Instagram to remind clients that have lapsed of the services that you provide and they will keep you top of mind. At the heart of your marketing campaign should be the service that you can offer clients ensuring that you communicate how you can and will meet their needs.

5. Newsletters

Regular newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with clients past, present and future. Programs such as mail chimp are free and easy to use making keeping in touch with your clients that bit easier.

6. Training days/bootcamps

Why not hold a training day or bootcamp session and invite potential and lapsed clients. This not only enables you to showcase what it is that you do, but also gives you the opportunity to remind those past clients of the great service that you provide!

7. Focus on client retention

It is less costly to work to hold onto a client than it is to go and find new clients. Keep this in mind and consider having a budget available for small gestures which will help existing clients to remember you and keep them loyal to you.

Some trainers have a loyalty scheme in place, offering clients a discount when they book a certain number of sessions in advance. For example – receive a 50% discount on your 6th session.

8. Offers and packages

This is becoming an effective way for trainers to sell their services and for clients to feel like they are getting value for money. By detailing a package to obtain a specific goal eg. Marathon training package you can include details of a certain number of training sessions as well as diet and nutrition advice all for a set price.

Packages like this can be a great way of reconnecting with past clients and get them using your services once again.

Do I Need to Renew my Training?

Yes, you will need to renew your training every 3 years to ensure that you keep your skills up to date and in order to validate your insurance. Your training provider will be able to give you more details.

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