Broker News: December

We want to keep you up to date with new products and schemes we think will be of interest, this month we are focusing on some key developments that have happened here at Protectivity.  

Merry Christmas

With the end of the year drawing near, the focus for commercial entities in sports, leisure and entertainment has shifted to planning or providing end-of-year events. Event insurance is a very competitive market that is quickly changing as a result of this year’s pandemic. A lot of insurers and managing agents in this market are making changes or deciding to no longer be involved in this market. 

However, Protectivity is making strides to increase our range of products by incorporating a large range of short-period appetites, again underwritten by AXA XL and competitively priced, we can consider the majority of your customers event requirements, whether they be planning a Christmas event at their local hall for a light switch on, Santa’s grotto or a seasonal market, or even planning ahead for next year’s sporting events by holding several spring and summer running, cycling and swimming provisions, or organising events in line with government regulation, including things like virtual events or drive thru events, we have over 150 event types that we can consider, making us one of the most competitively placed event insurance markets available for brokers.

We at Protectivity, would like to take this opportunity to say thank you, our brokers for continuing to consider us your insurers for Sports, Leisure and Entertainment risks. If you would like to discuss anything relating to our available appetites on a risk specific basis or as a scheme consideration, please do call your account manager, whose contact details are available within your broker platform, if you’re struggling to access this then please type your email here: and we will resend you login information immediately.

Discover how we are continuing to expand our risk appetite

We have recently adjusted our appetites to include considerations for individuals and companies that instruct and/or provide experiences in these outdoor pursuits such as climbing, canoeing and kayaking. These could be provided as part of a team building experience, for enthusiasts, stag and hen do’s, children’s camps, educational purposes, scout type organisations and as demonstrated they could be lower risk considerations or the higher risk, adrenaline fuelled pursuits.

Typically, the entities that require this cover are qualified and/or trained to at least a minimum industry standard. The majority are minimum turnover because the activities they provide are seasonal and they only commit term times and/or weekends as the demand for them does not dictate further commitment. However, we can also consider businesses that profit from the provision of these activities, considerations for employees and they may even have their own centre or location they manage.

Our liability cover is comprehensively built with activity providers in mind. We provide public liability, products liability and even professional indemnity. Not only that, we can also consider employers liability and equipment cover. All together the package is very comprehensive and reasonably priced. The security behind the policy, AXA XL is also one of the primary insurers for these kind of risks in the UK, along with our comprehensive underwriting knowledge and AXA XL’s award winning claims services, you can guarantee a first class service to your customers every time.

What is leisure?

Leisure is widely defined as one person’s freedom from their daily demands and responsibilities, by taking a moment to enjoy free time, to perhaps pursue hobbies, activities and other interests. 

How does this involve insurance? 

A lot of these leisurely pursuits are provided by commercial entities, whether they are sole traders, partnerships, clubs, limited companies or other registered entities, these entities invest their time and money to pursue a passion to provide these activities and leisure services to the wider public. This however as we all know doesn’t come without its dangers and risks, this is where insurers and managing agents, like Protectivity Insurance can assist your clients. We provide an ever evolving range of products, changing with trends for all leisure activities, whether that be to pursue a relaxing leisure activity or high adrenalin pursuit, we have an option available for the majority of these niche considerations.