The Average Cost of Dog Grooming in the UK

Research shows the average cost of dog grooming in the UK is £43, but prices range from £20 to £90 or even more. The amount paid depends on several factors including location, dog breed, hair type and the dog grooming service required.

If you are a dog grooming business, then this can be a great thing as it could mean increased profits.  But it is not simply about businesses putting up their dog grooming prices. This blog discusses why the cost of dog grooming in the UK is increasing.

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Pet ownership increases

One of the current reasons for an increase in dog grooming costs is simply a matter of supply and demand.  There has been a massive uplift in pet ownership as a by-product of Covid-19 and lockdowns. The Pet Food Manufacturers Association released its UK pet survey recently and reported that 2.1m (19%) people collected a new pet in lockdown and 1.8m (16%) are planning to add a pet to their household.

With an increase in pet ownership, comes an increased need for dog grooming. With dog grooming salons not growing as fast as ownership, it means this is potentially one reason for increased dog grooming costs, as salons are much more in demand.

Health concerns

Another reason for increased dog grooming prices is the actual service being offered to pet owners is more comprehensive.  It is no longer just simply a cut, blow-dry and “manicure”.

Dog groomers are now helping identify and treat skin problems before a pet needs vet treatment, some dog groomers offer puppy pamper packages, and for elderly or immobile owners, provide a collect and drop-off service.

Better treatment and care

With new qualifications and understanding, the industry has been able to help dog groomers provide better levels of care. Manufacturers have created improved products to help dog groomers better support dog owners. While no UK figures are available, research suggests the pet shampoo market is set to grow by around 60% by 2028  – and grooming professionals make up a large part of that purchasing power.

More skilled workforce

Dog groomers now have access to better and more detailed training and qualifications, meaning they are better placed to provide great quality care and service.  With this increased specialism, we see an increase in certain types of services being offered.


The average cost of dog grooming has certainly increased but this is not just due to dog groomers wanting to charge more money.  There are several factors we have highlighted that have seen dog grooming prices rise. While prices are increasing, it is reassuring to see that dog owners are increasingly taking their pets’ health seriously.

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