Benefits Of Blogging For Your Hairdressing Business

There are an estimated 2 million blogs published every day, but what is blogging and how can it benefit your business?

What is blogging?

Blogs are articles which are published online to drive reader engagement. Ranging from 500 – 1000 words in length, these articles are often written about a variety of lifestyle topics.  Many companies now publish business blogs as part of their marketing plan to reach new consumers and clients.

How are blogs used

Many blogs are published on a business’ website and, as they are updated frequently, this can provide fresh content for a website. They can also be used on social media giving businesses the opportunity to start a discussion about relevant topics. For example, a hairdressing business might publish a blog on their website about top hair moisturisers. This will not only create additional, fresh content for the website but can then also be shared on social media driving consumers to engage in a discussion about their own favourites! This conversation could in turn drive increased traffic to the website and reaching potential new clients to make them aware of the services that the business offers.

What are the benfits of blogging?

There are several benefits to blogging:

1. New content will help to improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Search engines love new content and if your website is publishing frequently this will help to drive your website nearer to the top of the list of search results. This makes it easier for potential new clients to find your business.

  1. 2. You can keep clients up to date. You can use blogs to provide customers with information and news on the latest offers and products.
  3. 3. It is flexible – if you are running your own business and have limited time, then blogs can be written at any time e.g. evenings and weekend so writing them can fit around your schedule.

How often should I publish a blog?

It is essential to keep a blog up to date by publishing new information on a regular basis, a few times a week is ideal.  This can seem very time intensive and you might think that there are not enough hours available to dedicate to blogging, but when you consider the benefits that it can bring to your business, the investment of your time might be worth it.

Are there any disadvantages to blogging?

– Blogging is time consuming, so will require an investment of time to not only write and update your blog, but also to identify topics to discuss.

– The return on this investment can be hard to track and can take a while to have an impact. It will take time to build up readers and see any results.

– You need to do more than just write an article. You are likely to see the greatest positive impact on your business if you use your blog effectively and as part of a wider marketing campaign. Consider how blogging can work as part of your social media network to generate customer engagement.

Key considerations when blogging?

  1. 1. Be relevant – ensure that topics are relevant to your audience and customers.
  3. 2. Be conversational – Readers are more likely to stick with an article that holds their attention. Make it easy to read with clear paragraphs. An interesting title and sub-headings can help with formatting.
  5. 3. Use key search terms – there are some search terms that will contain obvious key words for your business but there are also online tools available which can help you to analyse and identify the top search terms.
  7. 4. Provide added value – use your blog to give readers a little something for them to consider as extra value. If you run a hairdressing business, then it might be tips on keeping their hair healthy, or a special offer on a hairdressing treatment.

Blogging can benefit businesses in so many ways and is now an essential part of most marketing campaigns. Helping to drive customer engagement and to ultimately increase sales, blogs are a great way to help your small business to grow.

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