Best Apps For Monitoring Pet Health

The fitness tracking market is booming, with hundreds of apps and gadgets tracking your daily exercise, diet and fitness goals. But this isn’t exclusive to humans; there is also a huge range of apps and gadgets for pets.

From basic medical advice to tracking your dog’s daily activities, there are plenty of apps to help you look after your pets. We’ve tracked down the top 5 for perfect pet health.

Pet First Aid

Created by the American Red Cross, this app is a comprehensive guide for everyday pet emergencies. There are videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice explaining health essentials, what to pack in a pet first aid kit, how to do pet CPR and more.

Carrying this information around in your pocket means you’re fully prepared if your pet does get into trouble.

Available on IOS and Android.

Tagg — The Pet Tracker

This app uses a lightweight GPS Tagg tracker that easily attaches to your pet’s existing collar and supplies tracking info to your phone. Detailed charts let you keep up to date with your pet’s daily activity so you can ensure she’s getting the right amount of exercise.

You can also set a designated Tagg zone and if your pet leaves this you can quickly pinpoint her on a map, allowing you find her easily. By monitoring your pet’s movement every day you’ll be able to pick up on any health issues and keep her safe.

Available on IOS and Android.

Pet Phone

Organise all of your pet’s health records in one place with this app. Keep up with Vet appointments, track your pet’s weight, store notes about any allergies or food preferences your pet has and manage their medication.

You can also sync the app with your calendar to get reminders for Vet appointments and medication doses. Pet Phone lets you manage every aspect of your pet’s health so you can be sure you’re doing everything to help him live a happy and healthy life.

Available on iOS.


If your pet is on a course of antibiotics, it is essential they have the right dosage at the right time for the medication to work properly. Although this app is designed for humans, it can also work brilliantly for managing your pet’s medication. You can set reminders, schedule medication on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, and customise the dose amounts so you’ll never miss a med.

The app is particularly handy if your pet is on multiple medications.

Available on IOS and Android.


There are a lot of factors involved in maintaining a healthy ecosystem in your aquarium. This app helps you organise tasks, keep track of tank conditions and note changes in fish health and growth. There is also a livestock library of Freshwater and Saltwater fish, coral, invertebrate and plant species so you can easily find information.

Ensure your fish live in the optimum environment by setting up tank parameters and tracking your activities.

Available on IOS and Android.

These apps are great for giving pet owners peace of mind about their pet’s health. Give your business the support it needs with a comprehensive pet business insurance policy – click here to get a quick quote for your business’ requirements.

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