Cost Of A Personal Trainer

Working with a Personal Trainer can be a great way to get the best out of your workout. They can work with you to design a fitness programme and reach a target. You might be looking to lose some weight, get in shape for a holiday or big event or might be training for a sports event such as a marathon. Whatever your goal, a Personal Trainer can build a programme tailored specifically for you.

But how much can you expect to pay for a Personal Trainer? The average cost of a Personal Trainer is between £40 and £60 per hour but the cost that you will pay will be influenced by a few factors such as location, experience and specialist skills.

Does the cost vary by location?

The amount that a Personal Trainer charges will be influenced by the cost of living in that area. So, you will probably find that a Personal Trainer in London will charge more than one in Yorkshire as costs such as rent are higher in London.

The location of your sessions will also have an impact on the amount that a Personal Trainer charges. For example, one who runs their sessions in the park might have a lower hourly rate than someone based in a gym as their overheads will be lower. Someone gym based needs to consider and cover the costs that the gym will charge them to hold the sessions there.

Does a higher cost mean a more experienced trainer?

Average Salary - Personal Trainer CourseAll Personal Trainers must complete a series of qualifications before they can start working with clients so all trainers will hold the required certification but some might have a lower number of years working with clients and so might not be able to charge the same premium that those who have years of experience behind them can.

Are there any other factors which impact the hourly rate?

Other factors to consider might include any specialist training or experience that a Personal Trainer has. For example, someone who has gained a qualification in marathon training, sports massage or obesity and diabetes might charge a higher fee due to their specialist experience. If you are keen to employ the services of a trainer who has worked with celebrity personalities, then you might find that their hourly rate is higher as they attract a premium client base.

Are packages or block bookings possible?

Average Salary - Personal Trainer London

You might just need a one-off training session to help to get you on the right path to reaching your goal and this will always be possible to book. However, if you are looking to attend more than just a solo session, for example on a weekly basis, then you might find block booking a regular slot the most cost-effective solution. With offers available when you book a certain number of sessions, when you attend a group session or a couples discount received when you book together, there are a range of ways of securing the best possible price for the programme that you are looking to follow.

So, although there is an expected range of rates that you are likely to be charged when employing the services of a Personal Trainer, you might find that there is some variety in the hourly rate impacting the cost of each session depending on your location, your requirements and the skills and experience that your chosen Personal Trainer holds. Do some research and consider a trainers style and experience, any specialist skills they have and session times that they have available to find the right Personal Trainer for you who is within your budget.

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