Craft Fair Display Secrets

If you sell your crafts at events, then how do you make your display stand out from the others? Here we discuss craft fair display secrets to give you some inspiration.

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Getting that ‘Wow’ factor

Street market stall at the lavender festival marketFor your craft stand to be a success, it needs to both showcase your products and motivate buyers. 

So, how do you give your craft fair stand that ‘Wow’ factor? Follow the steps below then do a test run at home or in your workshop. This will give you a chance to play around with the design until you are happy with it.

Here are several considerations to help you design the perfect display for craft fairs.

Get inspired

Get inspired craft fair display ideas from retail brands.  Look at brand stores, see how they put together window and instore displays. They don’t need to be the same products as yours – it is more about looking at how companies display trainers, perfume, clothes etc. This will give you a lot of ideas you can then use for your own craft fair ideas. 

Have a centrepiece

Jewellery Stand with a CentrepieceTo draw people to your display, create a centrepiece that really showcases your talents.

For example, if you are a jewellery maker, you could use a special piece of jewellery you have made – such as a one-of-a-kind, intricate necklace that has taken hours to make – as the focus of your display. It doesn’t even have to be for sale, it just needs to attract custom.


Depending on the type of craft you make, your colour palette can be used to enhance any display.  Think about blocks or grades of colour and use the colour to draw the eye to sections of your display.

Line and composition

Beautifully lined soaps at a market stallSimply laying out your items flat on a table just won’t cut it.   You want your stand to pop, you want people taking photos of it to be shared on social media. 

Create a three-dimensional space.  Use stands, holders, small shelf units as well as themed props to bring out the best in your crafts.

Use these elements to draw the eye to items you wish to highlight.


In a field of static objects, the eye will be drawn to movement.  Using motion on your stand will be a great way to stand out. The item doesn’t have to be physically moving, it just needs to give the impression that it is. 

Use design to give the viewer a way for them to fill in the gaps themselves in what they are seeing. 

For example, you can display fabric in a way that makes it look like it is floating in the breeze.


Venetian masks at a market stallHumour can be a great way to be memorable and stand out from the rest.  But do remember, your sense of humour might not be for everyone, so do try to stay conservative.  While being edgy can be a good thing, you don’t want to upset or offend anyone.  Know your audience.


Using light and dark together or hard and soft, rough and smooth, can all be ways to help make a display stand out. 

Another way to use contrast can be to offset large items against small items.

In a busy room or hall, try and create an area of peace and quiet.


Traditional Oil LampsUse clever lighting to enhance your display, such as using battery operated fairy lights, LED lighting under shelves or a spotlight on a particular product etc.

Getting people to your craft fair stand

As we said before, you should create your fair stall at home before the event. Once it is how you want it, take lots of pictures to really show off your products.

Share these photos on the relevant social media channels and in your email newsletters.

You could consider advertising to drive people to your stall at the event and/or incentivise custom by running a special offer-only available in person at the event.

Whatever you do to promote your stall, you want to create a buzz.


There are many ways you can make your craft fair stand out – we hope these craft fair display secrets have given you some inspiration for your next event.

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