Diversifying Your Pet Business with Social Media

The marketing aim for any business is to engage with customers and communicate information and insights. Successful marketing is delivering the right message in the right place, ensuring maximum brand awareness and reach. Social media is a hugely valuable marketing tool. By investing a bit of time in nurturing your social profiles, you’ll build a loyal fan base and increase your pet business’ revenue.

Sharing the right kind of information online is key in boosting your customers’ engagement with your social profiles. Here are some tips on what to post and how to generate a buzz around your pet business:

Be relevant

To engage with the right type of people on social media you need to provide information relevant to your business area. Stick to what you know and think about the people you are targeting. The more helpful and entertaining your posts and tweets, the more people will engage with you by sharing and liking or favouriting your posts.

Posting tips and tricks for customers to use will not only keep your content relevant, but also establish you as an expert in your field. You could share pet treat recipes, or new games to keep your dog active and interested. Consistently posting useful information will encourage people to regularly return to your social profiles, building up a loyal customer base.

Target your audience

Just because your social profile is available to everyone online doesn’t mean you need to reach them all. Facebook allows you to set up certain criteria so you can control who sees your posts; for example, by time zone or language. If you go one step further and utilise Facebook advertising, you can narrow down your customer focus even further.

Promoting your posts through paid advertising allows you to localise your targeting by town or city. Whichever option you choose, targeting your social content ensures that your posts and updates are seen by the right people.

Run competitions and offer promotions

Organising a competition for your online fanbase is a prime opportunity to boost your followers, increase brand awareness and get your customers involved. It could be as simple as posting a picture of a cute puppy and asking for name suggestions, or ‘Send us your favourite pet photo and we’ll choose our favourite to win a prize’. By offering a prize incentive, people are more likely to enter. This is also a great chance for you to test out your products or services; for example, the prize could be a free grooming session or dog walk.

You can also offer promotions without the competition. Reward the loyalty of your online followers by offering a discount voucher or free sample just for them. Be sure to keep this friendly though as going for the hard sell will put people off.

Ask questions

Questions are great conversation starters for your social media profiles and are a fantastic way of increasing engagement. Rather than just reading your posts, followers will be encouraged to actively engage by commenting and sharing.

On Facebook, the higher the engagement of your page, the more content Facebook shows your fans, so it really is worth working at improving your engagement rate. Ask your followers about pet products, their dog’s favourite park activity, or even just ‘what are you up to this weekend?’

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