Do Mobile Hairdressers Need Insurance?

Insurance is there to protect us when we encounter unexpected experiences with unwelcome costs. In the event of a client making a claim against a hairdresser, the costs involved can get high very quickly. So, for a small business such as a mobile hairdresser it is even more important to have the right hairdressing insurance in place. 

Why does a mobile hairdresser need Insurance?

As a mobile hairdresser you may not have a salon to manage, but there are still plenty of risks of injury or damage that need to be considered. With an insurance policy in place you can avoid high damage and legal costs which can quickly escalate, having a huge financial impact on your business.

For example, if you spill hair dye on a client’s rug or someone trips over your kit, a claim may be made against you. In this instance you will need to be sure to have insurance in place to cover such claims.

What Insurance Cover does a mobile hairdresser need?

There are a few different areas of cover that can be included in your insurance policy which are important for a mobile hairdresser to have before they start visiting client’s homes to cut hair:

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is an essential policy to have in place and offers protection against a range of situations where you may be considered to be responsible. So, for example, should you slip when holding scissors, nicking your clients neck, then public liability insurance will protect you providing cover for legal costs.

  • Third Party Property Damage Cover

A policy for Third Party Damage will cover the costs of repairing or replacing property owned by a third party but damaged by you whilst providing hairdressing services. So, for example, straighteners that you are using during an appointment at a client’s house causes damage to furniture then repair or replacement of that furniture would be covered with a policy such as this.

Products Liability

If a claim is made against you or your business because of damage or injury caused as a result of a treatment that you have provided, then Product Liability Insurance can protect you in this instance.

  • Equipment and Stock Cover

This policy will cover your equipment and stock should it get damaged or stolen. So, if your tools and products are stolen whilst attending an appointment then the costs of recovering and replacing the equipment and stock will be covered.

           –  Equipment Hire

If you work as a mobile hairdresser, then equipment can be covered whilst you are at and travelling between appointments. Should you need to claim on this policy, you will be able to temporarily hire the equipment you need so that you can continue working whilst the claim is being settled. ·  


Employers Liability

This is a legal requirement if you employ any staff, so if this applies to your business then Employers Liability will be an essential policy for you to take out. This will cover your business if your employee claims that they have fallen ill or been injured whilst working.  It is an important aspect of cover to have as the risk of injury whilst using scissors or hair dye is significant.

  • Personal Accident Cover

This policy covers you if you are injured whilst working. Although not a legal requirement, it is a sensible policy to have in place given the risks through working with scissors, straighteners and chemicals in hair dyes. This policy provides you with a weekly benefit if you are unable to work and earn money.

So, it is important to make sure that you have the right cover to protect you and your business in case a claim is made against you.  Policies can be tailored to provide the cover that is required as a legal minimum and then consider your specific business needs.

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