Dog & Pet Events in 2024

March 6, 2024

The Pet Event scene has already got off to a roaring start this year and pets and owners are geared up for some treats ahead. Pet culture has transformed in recent years with 1 in 4 pet owners now reporting to have a social media account for their pets. As we’ve become absorbed (well…obsessed) with social media sensations, the event scene is no different and the experiences on offer are as mad and marvelous as you’re prepared to go.

For the traditionalists amongst you the old favourites are firm fixtures with classic dog shows and specialist animal extravaganzas to visit throughout the country. Dog lovers can take their pick of canine celebrations from doggy festivals with celebrity guests, workshops and all the latest pet products for your doting companion. Let’s look at the highlights ahead of us and a few tips to promote your business at the next pet event.

Crufts: The World's Greatest Dog Show

7-10 March 2024

The best in show of dog events has got to be the world-famous Crufts. Held annually at the NEC Birmingham, Crufts is the world’s largest dog show, attracting competitors and spectators from around the globe.

With 18,000 dogs competing in 2024 Crufts is a showcase of the finest canines, meticulously trained and groomed to perfection. Beyond the competitions, visitors can explore the Discover Dogs area, watch the finals of Scruffts, the crossbreed competition and explore the 500 exhibitor stands for the latest products.


14th April 2024 (South)
15th September 2024 (North)

GroomFest 2024 is an exciting event tailored for dog groomers, combining workshops, talks and shopping, plus the chance to interact with other grooming professionals in the industry.

Enhance your skills with valuable insights and training for groomers. Learn about the latest techniques and equipment to ensure you stay at the cutting edge.

Explore a variety of stalls featuring specialist grooming products, tools, and accessories. Connect with fellow groomers, industry experts, and suppliers. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and build valuable relationships.

DogFest: A Festival Tailored for Dogs and their Humans

27th – 28th April: Loseley Park, Surrey
25th – 26th May: Ragley Hall, Warwickshire
8th – 9th June: Burghley House, Lincolnshire (NEW for 2024!)
15th – 16th June: Tatton Park, Cheshire 
31st August – 1 September: Ashton Court, Bristol
7th – 8th September: Harewood House, Yorkshire
21st – 22nd September: Knebworth House, Hertfordshire

DogFest, set amongst some super posh backdrops at lavish country estates, is the upmarket dog event to be seen at. With multiple locations across the UK, now in its 10th year DogFest combines thrilling dog shows, interactive activities, and expert talks on dog health and well-being, you may even see a few celebs.

Join the ‘Big Dog Walk’ where thousands of canines and companions meet up to ramble through the grounds. Get some behavioural tips from the experts to help understand the different training needs of your dog.

The festival also features a dedicated shopping village with every doggy-related product and service you’ll ever need.

Paws in the Park

18-19 May 2024 – Sussex
15-15 September 2024 – Kent

For a family day out in the Southeast, Paws the Park is jammed with activites to keep everyone entertained. Highlights here are the range of ‘Have-a-Go!’ activities that are laid on for fitness, fun, basics and working your pooch. Take your pal along to try some Canicross, Flyball or K9 Aqua Zone.

Take a look at the talent with some extraordinary displays from top performers. See some doggy dancing, stunt shows and search and rescue displays. If you’re feeling competitive why not enter your own canine companion, there’s a category for everyone!


14-16 June 2024 – Exeter

A Glastonbury style dog festival, Woofstock UK 2024 is an exceptional event that combines the love for dogs with music and festivities. It is a true celebration of all things doggy, the perfect day out for you and your pooch.  

In the grounds of Powderham Castle, Woofstock transforms into a buzzing festival for dogs and their family companions. Expect dog shows, agility demonstrations, and a variety of stalls offering pet-related products and services. Transforming into a concert in the evening, Woodstock can entertain you further with a range of popular tribute bands, perfect for a sing or howl along.

Agility European Open

1-4 August 2024

For those who appreciate the athleticism and agility of our canine companions, the Canine Agility Championships are a must-see. Hosted by the Kennel Club in dedicated arenas with challenging courses, these championships bring together the fastest and most nimble dogs from various breeds.

Watch in awe as dogs navigate tunnels, weave through poles, and leap over obstacles with precision and speed. The championships showcase not only the incredible bond between handlers and their dogs but also the remarkable abilities that make each breed unique.

PATS 2024: Pet & Aquatic Trade Show

29 September – 30 October 2024

Whatever your pet business, PATS 2024 is the trade event to attend. This is the place to expand your business network, speak to suppliers, learn what’s new and be amongst your industry peers.

Exhibit your wares and check out the competition or alternatively find opportunities to see the latest products on the market, all things aquatics and dog grooming demos as well as advice and resources to get your own business off the ground.

How to promote your pet business at pet events in the UK

Promoting your pet business at events across the UK can significantly boost your brand visibility. As you can read above there are some big hitters in the pet event space to attend that could help attract potential customers and create lasting connections in the pet world. Here are some suggestions of how you can raise your profile exhibiting at pet events.

Local & Community Events

Participate in Local Events

Local events are often well attended by people and their pets, so take advantage of fairs and markets occurring in your local area. Set up a stall or display to showcase what you offer. Engage with attendees, share information about your business, and distribute promotional materials.

Partner with local organisations

Partner with animal charities, vets, or pet-friendly businesses in your area. You could team up to organise events or workshops to raise awareness for a relevant issue and promote your brands alongside.

Design an eye-catching Display

Design an attractive booth or display area. Use banners, posters, and signage that feature your business logo, tagline, and high-quality images of pets. Incorporate interactive elements like pet product demonstrations, mini grooming sessions, or pet photo booths. Encourage attendees to participate and engage with your brand.

If an animal is drowning, remove them from the water immediately. Clear their airway, perform rescue breathing if they’re not breathing, and check for a pulse. Administer CPR if necessary. Get in touch with a vet as soon as possible, even if the pet seems recovered, as complications may arise.

Promotional Giveaways


Everyone loves freebies so giving a way branded merchandise can help your brand be memorable. Consider themed, useful accessories such as leads, dog toys and treats.

Discount Vouchers

Provide event-specific discount codes for your products or services, encouraging attendees to redeem them within a specified time frame.

Social Media

Live Updates

Use social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) to share real-time updates from the event. Post photos, videos, and stories.

Event Hashtags

Creating a unique event hashtag can encourage attendees to engage with the event. Often event organisers will set up an event hashtag, which can help to increase your online visibility and connect you with a broader audience, combining their own social media following.

Email Marketing

At the event, collect a list of email addresses from interested attendees. Ask if they’d like to receive updates, special offers, or newsletters. After the event, send a personalised email thanking attendees for visiting you and reminding them of exclusive event offers or discounts.

Workshops and Demos

Positioning yourself as an expert in your field provides a great platform to showcase your skills and services. Often larger events will have guest spots for industry experts to share essential tips of the day.

You could host short workshops or demonstrations yourself, either online or face-to-face, related to pet care, grooming, nutrition, or training. Special offers can help attendance and audience participation is a great way to engage with your customers. 


Building relationships is a large part of exhibiting at events. Talk to fellow exhibitors, event organisers, and attendees to share experiences and gain industry insights and trends from other professionals. They’re also a great opportunity to discuss potential collaborations or partnerships.

Capture Feedback


Events are a great opportunity to ask for real-time feedback from current or potential customers to help you stay ahead of the curve and offer the latest products and services available. Creating a short survey to ask visitors is an easy way to keep a record. 


If attendees’ express satisfaction with your products or services, ask for a review. Have a quick way of transforming it into a sharable piece of content, for example capture their positive experiences on camera and turn it into a striking social media post to help spread to the word.

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