Explained: Dog Walking Qualifications and Licensing

It is not essential as a professional dog walker to have a dog walking certification, a qualification or license. A love of dogs and enough spare time is really all you need when starting a dog walking business. However all of the above do have some benefits depending on where you are working and who you are working for.

dog walkingpet sitting smallMost owners consider their pets as their children so want to know that the person they are leaving them with is responsible and trustworthy. Having a qualification in your field will just reassure the owner that you know exactly what you’re doing.

There are a range of qualifications from certificates to full degree courses from animal care to pet psychology all of which give you a deeper understanding of your profession.

One of the most popular is the Think Dog! Certificate which concentrates on dog behaviour. Another provider of dog walking courses is Compass who have a range of different qualifications to offer.

It is also a good idea, whether you are new to the profession or have been a dog walker for a long time, to keep up to date with what the profession entails and make sure you are aware of any rules or regulations changes that may affect you.

Attaining a qualification or certificate will do just that and ensure you are fully prepared to run your pet business safely, efficiently and successfully.

Associations are starting to appear for people offering dog walking services and these may also be beneficial to join.

These ensure the standards of dog walking are kept high and professional. Joining an association such as APDW (Association of Professional Dog Walkers) helps to establish you as a professional in your field and reassure your customers that you take responsibility in your role.

In 2013 regulations were brought in to say that only licensed professional dog walkers were allowed to use the Royal Parks when conducting their business activities. This is to ensure those using the park maintain a high standard and have the correct insurance cover for them, the dogs and the public.

It is always important to have as a professional dog walker insurance whether using Royal Parks or just your local park to ensure you are covered just in case there are any accidents or injuries.

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