Finding Your Martial Arts Business USP

Attracting new members to your dojo is always difficult especially if there are other martial arts business’s in the area. So you need to think why should they choose you? Finding your USP can help promote your business and these simple marketing ideas could help you get underway.

Start a Refer-a-friend Scheme

The best marketing for any small business will always be word of mouth and recommendation and best of all – It’s FREE! Therefore, giving a little incentive to your current members who love coming and training with you will be sure to kick start your recruitment drive. You can reward those who bring along a friend with a free class or two, vouchers or money off or any other ideas you may have.

Sponsor a Local Sports Team

Getting involved in the local community is always a good way to spread the word about your martial arts business. Sponsoring a local team is also a great idea as it means your logo and name will be on all the players shirts which will be seen at matches and any publicity for the club. It is also likely that other people interested and involved with sport will want to come along to one of your classes.

Start an After-School Session

With parents working longer hours than ever before, children are constantly needing childcare for after school so this could prove a lucrative venture. Parents will feel much better about their children going to an after school club which they actually enjoy and are learning a skill. It is a good idea to visit local schools with permission of the head and drum up some interest as well as local parents’ clubs and forums. You may even decide to partner with some schools and provide some classes there which means the parents do not need to worry about transport.

Hold Taster Days

Deck out the studio so it shows off what you have to offer, get some food and drink and maybe even some entertainment and then invite everyone in to have a look around. You can put on some class demos to show people what you do and even give them a discounted rate if they sign up to classes on the day. It’s all about showing off what you have to offer!

Hold a Martial Arts Tournament

Many people join a sport or class because they are on some level competitive. Therefore, if there is incentive to work towards a tournament where they can show off and test the skills they have been learning they are more likely to sign up and stick around. Inviting their friends and family to watch will also mean more publicity for the business and you may even get a few more sign ups from the event.

Hold Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are a great way to 1. Show off our martial arts studio and what you can offer and 2. Market to parents! If a child has come to a birthday party of one of his friends and had a great time at your dojo, then the parents are much more likely to sign them up knowing they are going to enjoy themselves. And if you have 20 children in a birthday party that could be 20 new members!

There are a number of ways to promote your martial arts business but the most important thing is to show off what you have and how much fun your members have with you! Encouraging other is far easier when what you have and do speaks for itself!

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