Five Great Christmas Gifts For Dogs and Cats

December 25th is getting nearer and nearer so the time to find the ideal Christmas gift for dogs and cats in your family is running out.

Pet owners will so often ensure that their furry friends aren’t left out of the festive fun, but struggle to pick a present for their companion.

Thankfully, the choice out there is getting bigger and it’s now easy to pick out something to treat your pet.

If you run a pet business, before looking at our five top picks for spoiling your dog or cat this Christmas, check whether you have a full pet business comprehensive insurance in place. 

Lucky Dog Slots Treat Game

House of Paws Christmas Santa/Rudolph Fancy Dress

We’re not sure whether your pooch will get as much fun out of this Christmas gift as the owner but it’s a super present nonetheless.

Dress your dog up as not just Santa Claus, but Rudolph too with this hilarious festive outfit.

Available in three different sizes, regardless of your pet’s size there is no escaping the Christmas hilarity here.

£19.99 –

This is the gift that keeps on giving for your hungry hounds. Once your pet works out that all they need to be rewarded with a treat is press down on the specially designed paw pad, you can expect hours of usage. This is the perfect Christmas gift for dogs who love their food but also provides a good learning tool for your pet’s development. £17.50 –

Woof & Brew Beer for Dogs

For many, the plan for the festive season contains a drink or two. With that in mind, it’s hardly fair on the dog that they have to miss out.

Let the pooch settle down in front of the family with a bowl of Woof and Brew’s most popular dog beer, Bottom Sniffer.

The non-alcoholic, non-carbonated drink is the perfect Christmas gift for dogs on the big day, but remember, like the real stuff this is just a treat so go easy!

£2.99 a bottle –

Check out this video of Chewie enjoying his Bottom Sniffer beer #beerfordogs #bottomsniffer

— WOOF&BREW (@Woofandbrew) July 18, 2016


Brush Stroke Cat and Dog Tipi

After the Christmas exertions we all like to crash out in a nice cosy bed, even our pets.

This stylish and cool tipi is perfect for providing a snug den for your cat or small dog to recover after the day’s festivities.

Just tie the poles up at the top and place over the top of your pet’s bed and a great little hide-out will be at their disposal.

£54 –

Cat Scratch DJ Deck

This one is not just for the cats but for the easily amused human members of the family.

There’s nothing particularly humorous about watching a cat scratching at the furniture as they do, but turn that furniture into a mini mixing desk et viola you can chuckle away while your puss spins some tunes (well, not really).

More importantly it provides your cat with an outlet to scratch away at to avoid that avoidable household damage.

£22.85 –

With your pet gift ideas in tow, it’s time to check that you are fully covered from all eventualities.  Visit our pet business insurance page and get an instant quote and cover today.