Latest Gym Trends for 2023

December 16, 2022

There is a lot of gym-related content on social media. So much, in fact, that it can be hard to work out what’s especially popular at the moment, and what’s emerging as the latest trend of the future. A good place to start is with our guide to the top trending gym hashtags, but you can also dig a little deeper to check the pulse of the gym world today – and that’s where this blog comes in.

Here, we’re going to highlight the ten top gym trends to keep an eye on over the course of 2023. From the coolest workouts to the latest technology, we’ll give you all the information you need to keep fit and stay active throughout the year.

Top gym trends to explore

The concept of the modern gym is so wide and varied that it’s impossible to distil all the current trends into one article. Instead, we’ve picked out ten that we think are especially relevant to gym operators, personal trainers and customers alike, covering the whole spectrum of gym life in 2023:

Home workouts

No longer does going to the gym necessarily have to involve ‘going to the gym’. What started as a handy alternative during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic has now become a lasting trend. But training at home doesn’t just mean doing press-ups on your living room floor: it can now also involve interactive exercises that you can connect to via the internet, especially for indoor cycling with a compatible bike

Strength training

It wasn’t so long ago that strength training in gyms was largely the preserve of bulked-up men. But times have changed: a visit to any multi-purpose gym today reveals a mix of all ages, genders and builds improving their strength. Free weights and dumbbells remain popular (even if putting them back after use remains difficult for some!) while new innovations like Hammer Strength are also helping people take a more complete approach.

Losing weight through exercise

More and more people are realising that exercise is a vital complement to maintaining a balanced, healthy diet if they want to lose weight. This is especially the case after COVID lockdowns enabled lifestyles where eating right and exercising was difficult, leading to weight gain for many people. Whether it’s taking part in classes for peer motivation, or doing simple cardio work alone, countless overweight people are finding gyms vital to their weight loss drives.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT has massively grown in popularity in the last few years, as gym users have come to enjoy the short, sharp bursts of activity that push them to the limits and help them maintain fitness. The fact that HIIT training can take place in a relatively short space of time has also helped fuel its popularity, as busy people have found it easier to fit workouts into their normal days. It’s also generated new revenue streams for proactive personal trainers, too.

Health and wellbeing support

The pandemic led people all over the world to reassess what was important to them and give greater priority to their overall health and wellbeing. Some gyms have changed their business models and repositioned themselves as places that support many different areas of a person’s health, both physical and mental. It explains why health clubs with integrated classes, spas, treatments and relaxation areas are as popular as ever.

Fitness technology

It seems like every day, more and more technological solutions are emerging to make the process of keeping fit easier and more convenient. In particular, the popularity of wearables is rising all the time, taking advantage of data and analytics to track performance and bodily metrics, and gain findings that can help people progress and improve. The use of technology is also helping personal trainers deliver more focused and successful training plans to their clients.

Outdoor fitness

Getting out of the home and the gym, and taking part in outdoor fitness activities, has become especially popular. The reasons are many: the chance to take advantage of good weather, the ability to get back to basics and challenge oneself against natural terrain, and the many outdoor and ‘Boot Camp’ style classes that some gyms offer. Whatever the reason, people love outdoor exercise just as much as indoor.

Personal training sessions

Fitness enthusiasts who take their wellbeing particularly seriously tend to want a personalised, focused approach so that they can get expert help working towards their specific goals. No wonder, then, that good-quality personal training remains highly sought-after, especially in peak times in the evenings and at the weekends. One major reason for the popularity of PT is its versatility: it can take place in the gym, at home or outdoors.

Body weight training routines

A set of routines that works out every key part of the body, step by step, is a great way to maintain overall fitness, and it’s why body weight training is a long-lasting gym trend. People use their own body weight, as well as the help of gravity, to test specific areas of their bodies and stay in shape. Body weight training tends to be very simple to learn, even for beginners, contributing to its lasting popularity.

Online workout classes

Lots of gym fanatics have found themselves wanting to work out in a class or in a group, but just can’t find the time to get to a gym to do so in person. Additionally, many of those forced into online training by the pandemic have found something that works for them, and that they’ve decided to stick with in the long-term. Both factors meant online classes that people participate from home have remained a major gym trend, even after the pandemic has subsided.

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