Top Tips on Marketing Your Hair Salon

Clients are essential for any hairdressing business and whilst providing good customer service, a warm and welcoming atmosphere and competitive prices are key to keep clients, how do you get new clients in the first place?

Here are some tips for marketing your hairdressing business to attract new clients.

Marketing your hairdressing business

Create a Website 

Make sure that your website represents your hairdressing business in the way that you want it to, ensuring the branding (i.e. look and feel) is consistent with how you want your business to be presented. Use your website to capture details of potential customers by asking visitors to sign up to receive a regular newsletter which will give them information about products and services and maybe some hair care tips. You then have a database of potential clients who you can contact and incentivise to book an appointment.

Start Blogging

Any extra information that you can give clients will look positive for your hairdressing business and additional website content focused around key search terms will drive more traffic to your website and hopefully attract new clients. Feature blogs on your website which will be relevant to your customers such as hair care tips, how to choose the perfect hairstyle and beauty advice.

Utilise Social Media

One of the most effective methods of communicating within the local community is using social media.  Make sure that you have a Facebook page which incorporates your business’ branding. Keep this up to date with relevant information, news and offers. Share details of promotions or new products and services on this page and then within local community groups. Use Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to showcase hairstyles and engage consumers.

Get your business on Online Directories

There are a number of online directories which enable people to search for plumbers, builders, childcare even hairdressers.  Make sure that your salon or hairdressing business are listed on these directories and ensure that the information is kept up to date with contact details, opening hours and any offers that you have available with a link to your website and booking details.

  • Launch a Refer A Friend scheme 

Word of mouth is one of the most effective marketing methods for most businesses. People are more likely to trust recommendations from their friends. So, ensure that all your clients receive a good service and haircut from you so that they leave with a positive experience which they are hopefully going to talk about. You could provide an incentive for clients who spread the word with a reward of a discount on their next appointment or free hair styling product if they make a recommendation to a friend who then books an appointment. If your client says that they are happy with the service at the end of their visit, then don’t be afraid to ask them to recommend you!

  • Marketing Materials

There are potentially lots of marketing materials that you could spend money on. But essentially, leaflets are a great way to promote your salon and all the services that you can offer. There are plenty of opportunities to share leaflets in the local community, you could talk to local businesses and ask them to display your leaflets and in return, you could do the same for them. Local newspapers will distribute leaflets for you with the paper at a small cost. 

  • Get involved with local Events

Supporting local events can be a great way to promote your business. For example, could you provide a raffle prize at the local school offering a free haircut? This may then get a potential new client through the door, who will hopefully rebook but if they enjoy their experience then they might recommend you to their friends.

Getting that first appointment

Introductory offer

Many salons will offer an introductory discount for the first appointment that you book. Repeat clients are worth more than new ones, so it could be a good way of attracting a client into your salon and then hopefully get a repeat booking when they experience excellent service and a great new haircut!

  • Open days

You could hold an open day to link with a local event or just as a celebration. For example, you could have a Christmas event with the opportunity to include past, present and potential clients. You could serve mince pies and mulled wine and provide people with a chance to see the salon. If you have beauty treatments within the salon, you could always offer a little taster as part of the event with the hope of securing future bookings.

Repeat appointments

You have booked a client in for their first appointment, but how do you make sure that they book their next haircut with you? A Loyalty programme is a great way to lock customers in to booking repeat service with you and is relatively easy and low cost to introduce. Many schemes will provide a card or online version to record each appointment and then reward the customer with a discount off their 6th haircut or a free head massage or similar incentive to keep booking with you.

So, if marketing your hairdressing business feels like a daunting task then try some of these tips to attract new clients into your salon. Be sure to provide these clients with a great service and haircut to ensure that they come back to you again and again.


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