How Can Hairdressers Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is of key importance within the hairdressing industry. A satisfied customer is likely to come back for future haircuts and is also more likely to recommend you to others.

It is easier to keep hold of a client than it is to attract a new one. Marketing experts often quote that attracting a new customer costs 5 times more than it does to hold on to an existing one. Improving customer satisfaction is a great way to keep hold of clients so how can you as a hairdresser do this?

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Pleasant experience

Consider all aspects of your clients visit to make sure that it is as pleasurable as possible. First impressions are vital so make sure that they are welcomed with a smile when they enter the salon. If they need to wait for their stylist to be available, make sure they know how long this will be and ensure that they are satisfied from the start to the end of their experience!

Comfortable environment

Customer Satisfaction - Hair SalonThe environment that your client is in will contribute to the overall experience that they have.

Make sure that the chair that they sit in is comfortable, offer them a drink and a magazine to read.

Make sure that if their hair is being washed that the temperature of the water is OK for them (the easiest way to do this is to ask them), that they are OK with the products that you are using and take time to explain each stage and product that you use.

Clean salon

​A clean environment will contribute to the overall impression that you and the salon gives. Make sure that floors are swept immediately after all cuts and that chairs, tables and mirrors are kept clean.

Personal treatment

Take time to understand your client, their lifestyle and their hair and then offer advice on styles, products and cuts. A little time invested at the start of the appointment will make a client feel valued and special but will also help you to provide them with the best possible hair cut.

Be confident and knowledgeable

Clients are more likely to return in the future if they have confidence in any advice that you give them. Also, familiarise yourself with each of the products you stock so that you can be sure to offer the best advice with confidence.

Know your clients

Hairdresser Customer SatisfactionMake sure that you remember the details about your clients. Understand how your client wears their hair, what is important to them and if they have had any bad hair experiences in the past.

If you cut their hair for a wedding they were going to or before they went on holiday, ask them about it when they come back next time.

Providing good customer service and a good haircut is a small part of the service that you can offer. If you can go above and beyond and provide your clients with exceptional customer service, then this will improve client satisfaction and you are likely to see them again and again.

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