How much does wedding insurance cost?

When thinking about taking out wedding insurance it’s possible that couples may think it’s an outlay they can avoid. Of course, taking out cover for your wedding is optional, however consider the cost of wedding insurance and it really is worth it.

According to Brides Magazine, the average cost of everything associated with a wedding is around £30,000.

Firstly, consider that the cheapest wedding cover is available at just 0.05% of the cost of the average wedding. But it’s only when you compare the cost with individual items on your big day shopping list.

What does Wedding Insurance cost? A Breakdown

It’s easier to to get a handle on just how little a wedding insurance policy can cost when comparing the outlay with the money couples are likely to spend on individual items for their wedding day.

The cover that an insurance policy provides means that if things were to go wrong, such as you not being able to get married because of an illness, bad weather or the failure of one of your suppliers, you could be eligible to claim back a lump sum.

We reviewed Brides Magazine’s findings regarding the average spend on each aspect a couple’s big day. And it is clear just how little getting protection costs in the grand scheme of things.

Wedding Attire – Average cost £2,552

This includes the bride’s dress, veil, tiara and other accessories as well as the outfits of the bridesmaids, the groom and his attendants, plus that of the mother of the bride.

Arguably the most important individual item to the bride on her wedding day, covering her dress against damage and loss is undoubtedly important. From rips and stains to a failure on the part of the dress-shop there are a whole host of things that can go wrong.

Wedding Insurance provides cover towards the couple’s wedding attire. Available at just £33.60, this means your policy will cost less than half the amount the average bride will spend on a pair of wedding shoes. And with a wedding insurance policy providing cover for other things on top of your attire, wouldn’t you rather just spend the equivalent of one shoe to protect your wedding?

Wedding Dress
Rings, Flowers and Cake – Average cost – £1,747

Although these three items may not seem related, on many insurance policies they are grouped together for cover. Again, your wedding policy ensures you are covered against loss, theft and damage to their rings, flowers and cake.

And at just £33.60, it means you the cost works out at little more than a few slices of your cake, the average cost of which reaches a whopping £300.

Wedding Cake
Photography – Average cost £1,000

Capturing your special memories is undoubtedly important. And with such a vital part of the day, comes a pretty steep price. The average couple shell out £1,000 on their photographer of choice. That person is then relied upon to ensure every moment is conveyed beautifully.

The case for wedding insurance is easily seen when you consider that £1,500 of cover for the photography aspect of your day is available for just £16.80. This accounts for just 1.7% of the cost of the average photographer.

Woman photographing bride

Ensuring you’re fully covered

Of course, it is important to cover each aspect of your wedding to the fullest. Therefore it may mean that you take out more cover for certain aspects than you in fact need.

However, with many weddings suffering from some kind of hiccup, whether it’s down to the failure of your florist, an accidental nick out of the wedding dress or something more serious, ensuring you are fully covered is vital.

The cost of wedding insurance really does seem insignificant when thinking about all of the other outlays you will make. Protecting yourself against loss for these items has never been easier.

Simply start your quote for wedding insurance below and get covered today.