How to Attract New Members to Your Sports Club this New Year

New Year’s resolutions have been set for 2020 and the most popular will always be sports and fitness. Therefore, this is the perfect time to start marketing for new members of your sports club and catch all those looking for a new sport or fitness venture.

Get digital

Nobody is going to be attracted to a team that looks as though it is stuck in the 20th century – make sure your website is up to date with all the latest information so that if somebody was to come across you from a web search they know when and where to come and who to contact.

Promotion across social media is also a great tool so make sure you put out information which can be useful to potential members. Also you can join in conversations and post on local group pages to attract those in the area and spread awareness.

Think about promotions

Most people especially when considering taking up a new sport will not want to commit to a membership and therefore it is a good idea to offer free taster sessions. This allows people who may not be sure to come along and give it a try and meet the team. These could be done continuously and any new members can come along to any class or as a one off event and open the club up to new members for a specific session which can go over basic rules and training drills.

If your club has a marketing budget you can pay to advertise in local papers and directories or place ads within local sports halls, shops and notice boards. You could even sponsor a local business or get involved in some local events or charities to boost the club’s presence in the local area.

Spread the word!

The best marketing for any sports club is word of mouth and therefore it pays to use your players as ambassadors and spread the club’s message. Invite them to bring along friends, family, colleagues and anyone they know to try it out. You could even offer friends and family discounts and incentives for those bringing along new members to encourage current club members to be proactive also.

Often joining a sports club is not just about the sport but also about the social side, meeting new people and making new friends. Therefore, it is important within your promotion to make reference to the social events that the club are involved in.

We hope this has given you a few ideas as to how to promote your sports club this January and that you are able to attract a whole new team of members to kick start the new year!

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