How To Organise A Street Party: What To Remember

Organising a street party initially may sound straight forward as you already have a venue and some guaranteed guests. However, there are plenty of things to consider when planning any event in a public area.

As with any party you might organise, you will need to think about guests, food and drink, music, entertainment and decorations. Special consideration for things such as licences might need to be made in some circumstances.

Here are some important things to consider when planning a street party:

1. Choosing a date

When picking a date there are a few considerations. It might be that you are linking to an existing event, such as a Royal Wedding, in which case the date has been decided for you. If it is a stand-alone event, then make sure you check what events are taking place in the local area so that you can avoid any potential clashes.

For example, you might want to check that there isn’t a local football match that might prevent any road closures you need or cause traffic issues.

2. The local community

It is advisable to get buy in from the local community as early as possible. Their co-operation and support will be invaluable when organising a street party. Keep the community informed as early as possible and you could always set up an event committee with local residents as members.

3. Tell the Council

You will need to notify your council between 4 and 12 weeks before the event. If the party is taking place on a quiet road with no effect to the wider road network then road closures and traffic diversions may not be necessary, but the council will still need to be contacted.

4. Check licensing and regulatory requirements

You might think that when organising a street party you need licenses for music, alcohol and food. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) don’t consider that one-off events such as street parties as food businesses, so there are no forms to fill in. However, you must ensure that any food provided is safe to eat. With music, The Licensing Act 2003 does not require a music licence at a street party unless amplified music is one of the main purposes of the event. If you are planning to sell alcohol at your street party then you might need a licence. Check with your local authority.

5. Get Insurance Cover

Some councils require that you take out a Public Liability Insurance policy. However, it is always good practice to ensure that you have the protection that you need should a supplier cancelling or adverse weather conditions lead to the cancellation of the event. Protectivity’s Street Party Insurance will provide you with the protection that you need and ensure that any unforeseen incidents are taken care of.

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