Making a Claim For an Injured Dog - Krista's Story

If you run a dog walking or pet sitting business, having cover for those unforeseen moments can prove priceless.

It may not be huge comfort to owners of a pet who is injured, or in the worst case, dies, but ensuring insurance protects your business can be the difference between returning to normality, and a potentially costly vets bill, or even legal case.

Krista's story

Krista Berg, a Protectivity customer, and owner of Krista’s Doggy Services knows all too well the value of having insurance.

Krista’s business consists of running a home pet sitting and grooming business in the Scottish Borders. She needed to make a claim on her insurance policy after a dog in her care was injured.

It would have been impossible to predict the injury that was to occur, and while the claim value was relatively small, it was a cost that Krista could have done without.

An injured dog

“The incident involved a particularly hyperactive dog,” she told us.

“On the day she was due to be picked up, she went outside and came back in with a limp. I figured that she had just stepped wrong. The owners picked up and found her limping and distressed and decided to take her to the vet.”

“She underwent x-rays and a full check-up with the vets. It turned out to be just a little sprain and the vet visit was more for peace of mind.”

While the owners weren’t blaming Krista for their dog’s injury, she felt it right to look into covering their costs.

“To help them out, and seeing as the dog started limping in my care, I thought I would check with Protectivity to see if I could reimburse them for the vet fees,” Krista told us.

“I was impressed that Protectivity said it would be no problem. Particularly as it was more due to protective owners rather than an actual injury.

“Making the claim was easy and after about a month, the claim came through to a very relieved owner.”

How likely is a claim?

Most of Protectivity’s customers, including those with Pet Business Insurance policies will never need to make a claim.

But for those who do, including Krista, operating without that insurance in place is just not worth the risk:

“If I wasn’t able to make the claim with Protectivity, I would have had to at least partially cover the vets bill out of my own pocket. It was a small claim and incidents are very rare, but vet bills can quickly add up so it’s great to know I’m covered no matter what may happen.

“I can let the dogs run and have fun with a bit more peace of mind now!”

Although the odds suggest that making a claim on your insurance is unlikely, awareness of what happens if you are put in that scenario is important. Krista’s story highlights that making a claim is easy and the risk of operating without cover is too high.

Make sure you are protected for all your business needs with Protectivity’s Pet Business Insurance today.

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