Broker News: Online activity instruction, during and post COVID-19

For the majority of the last 14 months, we have been unable to attend sports and physical activity sessions. 

The majority of the countries sports and physical activity sessions are provided by freelancers, individuals who don’t necessarily run a profit-making business, but have a passion to demonstrate and lead these sessions. 

When the pandemic started, a lot of these small businesses were hit hard, unable to continue doing what they and us have been used to, most of them ceased operations in place of secure employment.

Since then though the industry has innovated. With the success and rapid growth of online platforms like Zoom, Teams, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and so on, it has meant instructors and coaches were able to have access to other facilities they may have not thought possible or cost effective prior to the pandemic. 

This has allowed them to continue to deal with their customers and participants without the risk of spreading the virus and/or breaking the law around distancing and lockdown requirements. 

Because software is so readily available, its simple to instruct participants on how to set it up, even those that might not be tech savvy.

Specialist insurers like ourselves have also had to innovate to allow for these businesses to continue working in their industry. 

As underwriters, we consider the provision of safe operations above the majority of other things, when it comes to sports and physical activity. 

It is important that we understand that those we are insuring are doing all they can to limit the chances of incidences occurring. We do this by assisting in outlining industry standard requirements, this is no different in this circumstance. 

The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) have recently reviewed and released guidance as to the minimum expectations concerning this subject.

One of the primary ways to avoid incident is suitable supervision. 

Whether you are dealing with children or adults, supervising how they participate is key. It avoids difficulties around participants misinterpreting instruction and causing injury to themselves and/or others. 

CIMSPA suggest that suitable provisions should include sector-recognised professional standard qualifications in the activity being administered and specific to the participant population (for example children and working with the inactive), disclaimer statement to include things such as suitability to participate, verbally remind participants before each and every session about the statement, record all sessions and retain recordings, make sure to keep full recording, including but not limited to instructors disclosing pre session statements, warning against injury due to participation and the like. All of these things and more will assist instructors to run a safe and successful practice.

To view the full policy click here CIMSPA: Online Activity Instruction

Hairdressing Insurance

This month we are taking a look at our Hairdressing Insurance product. 

This product is underwritten by AXA XL and is a competitive and comprehensive product. 

The policy is designed for insured entities who work freelance in this industry, they are mobile or bonafide and therefore are not responsible for the properties they operate in, only the actions and services they undertake. 

As such, our liability covers any manner of allegation related, not only to the obvious exposure of injury to the insured’s customers but also third party property damage i.e. spilling hair dye on a clients carpet.

Our Hairdressing Insurance product can include public liability, employers liability, personal accident and equipment cover. 

Our liability will also include related treatment liability consideration, including the provision of hair cutting, washing, styling, dyes, extensions, nails, teeth, piercing and the like. Premiums for this product start for as little as £55.