Party Planning Checklist - Steps For A Perfect Party

July 27, 2022

When planning a party, you’ll want it to be remembered as one of the best the guests have ever experienced – so here are some tips on how using a party planning checklist can help your event be a success.

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No matter how well you plan an event, we know only too well the missteps that can trip up even the most seamlessly organised party. As the event organiser, you are exposed to public liabilities, the loss or damage of your equipment and party gear, and the potential need for employers’ liability insurance.

All will need to be protected by a package as reliably robust as our specialist Party Insurance.

Your party planning checklist

With the security of your Party Insurance safely in the bag, here we share some tips to help you plan and throw the truly perfect party.

The Plan

Your Plan highlights what needs to be done – it needs to have the details to identify all the necessary steps leading up to the big day yet be flexible enough to adapt to any last-minute changes.

Date and time

At the very top of your planning page, of course, is the date and time of the party. As late as possible, because you’ll want to avoid clashes with other celebrations and public holidays.


How much budget do you have? We have a full blog on this which you can read here Event planning: How to plan a budget for your event.


Location, location, location – it’ll often spell success or failure for any party you’re planning. Unless you’re the owner of an events venue, you’ll need to hire somewhere and will want to specify whether your party has access to facilities both indoors and outside.

Whatever the location, ensure that there are no safety issues. Will further safety inspections be necessary? Is there a fire safety plan? How will you ensure that fire escape routes remain clear and unobstructed? What time does the venue shut? Does the venue have any restrictions (such as guests not using the gardens after a set time at night)?


If you plan to have an overall theme for your party, decide what that is now and make it clear in the invitations you send out – so that guests know whether they’ll need to dress up, wear something themed, or come along in casual clothes.


Your party planning checklist needs to include any ideas you or the hosts may have for a party programme – will there be games, entertainment, dancing, or a live band (that you’ll need to book well in advance)?


Depending on the venue, theme, and programme you’ve included, think about any additional equipment you’ll need – music consoles, speakers, mics, projectors, lighting, and the like.

Food and drink

Does the venue supply its own caterers and servers, or do you need to organise these?


As your party planning is now coming together, you need to send out invitations approximately a month to 6 weeks before the event – these will confirm the date, time, location, and any party theme you’ve chosen. Make sure to add a date by which to RSVP.

Confirm guests attending

A week before the party, most guests will likely have replied to the invitations, so you can confirm the numbers that will be attending. However, gentle reminders to those who have not yet answered may not go amiss.

Setting up

When the day comes, you’ll be frantically busy setting up the venue and preparing to receive the guests.

Their reception will need to be managed at the door, where guests will be greeted, their coats taken, and – if appropriate – welcoming drinks served

Thank you

After the event, make sure to send letters of thanks to everyone who had a hand in supplying your needs for the party, the hosts for employing you, and the guests who attended the event.

Your thank you letters might also include a guest survey of their impressions of how the party went. They will be pleased to have been consulted, and you stand to receive valuable feedback and lessons for the future direction of your party planning business.


You aim to organise the perfect party – your reputation, and your business rely on it. Of course, perfect parties are not made by themselves but – as you’ll know only too well – take careful planning and attention to every detail. To ensure that nothing is overlooked, start drafting your party planning checklist today.

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