Personal Trainer Career Goals

Becoming an established fitness professional doesn’t mean you should stop driving for success. Increasing your business growth and achieving career goals will only make you a stronger personal trainer. Unlike other industries, health and fitness don’t have a set career path, and as such you’re able to go in whichever direction you want.

Working towards goals will keep you motivated and increase what you can offer clients. Why not boost your skill set to the following:

Training and Development

Keeping your skills and qualifications up to date maintains your professionalism and ensures you’re delivering the best possible service to your clients. There are various continuous professional development courses, workshops and further instructor courses available’ so you can pick and choose what you think will help your business and boost your fitness knowledge. Having these qualifications also helps you get onto official fitness registers.


You may have chosen a field to specialise in, but this doesn’t mean you can’t diversify. Further instructor courses will increase your skills so whether you specialise in antenatal women, rehabilitation, or people with disabilities why not branch out? You could start offering nutritional advice with diet plans or specialist yoga for your clients, the more you can earn. It won’t hurt your reputation either!

Enhance your area of interest

The best way to be good at something is to do what you love. If football is your one true passion, you could set up football coaching or training sessions in your local park. Or you could build on your personal training speciality to utilise your existing customer base and start a group class. Be creative and try to do something that no one else offers to make your business stand out from the crowd.

By constantly learning and building up your business, you’re increasing your training experience and expertise, which is invaluable for freelance personal trainers. Make sure you’re fully covered for any new ventures with fully comprehensive personal trainer insurance. Get instant online cover with Protectivity. Get a quick quote now.

Whatever your discipline in personal training, you’ll need to be covered so make sure you’ve got adequate liability insurance just in case the worst happens. Find out how little it could cost for a comprehensive policy with Protectivity.

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