Personal Trainers: 5 must-have items for your studio

With more people investing time and money to hire a personal trainer, it is key to know what types of equipment are adaptable and can be used for training a beginner, right the way through to an elite performer. PT’s can vary and change the intensity of a workout to tailor their clients by using different training equipment.

This piece focuses on some essential and basic tools every PT should have whether training a client at a gym facility or in the comfort of their own home.


Dumbbells come in a variety of weights, so you can always adapt the right weight to the exercise being performed. A heavier weight with fewer reps allows an individual to add bulk, while more reps with lighter weights will trim the unnecessary fat. They are fantastic for free weight training, helping to correct muscle imbalances and stabilise muscles. A small and easy to store item; a must in any PT’s kit.

Woman lifting dumbbells


Kettlebells are named after the heavy iron teapot back in the day used by our grandparents and ancestors. Designed with a thick handle to help firm grip and a sphere-shaped base to distribute the weight, this item will add momentum and variety to any workout. A high level of core stability will be important when training with kettlebells. This means more muscles are required to perform the exercise, burning more calories in the process.

Numerous kettlebells


Sandbags are ideal for a full body workout. They can be used in many ways and allow variety when exercising, by implementing them into traditional exercises such as squats, lunges, deadlifts and overhead presses. The weight distribution within the bag increases strength and improves balance as clients have to work with the shifting sand in the bag to maintain stability.

gym sandbags

Resistant bands

Resistance bands are used for creating tension in the muscles to tone and burn fat. They range in resistance and type, making them adaptable to clients’ needs and level of fitness. The bands cover a full range of motion, that targets areas which may not be covered by weight required exercises. As well as being so effective to an exercise routine, they are extremely light and portable; perfect for an outdoor PT session.

People using colourful resistance bands

Exercise mats

Exercise mats give clients a comfortable surface to work with when exercising. Whether they’re doing sit ups and crunches in the park or at the gym, they protect the body during floor work by providing a soft and sweat free area. Exercise mats are long and gripping, making them ideal for stretching before and after the workouts.

Person rolling up a exercise mat

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