How can Personal Trainers take their business online?

As more and more people move online to do everything from shopping to booking their holidays we asked a personal trainer, Neil Hussey, how PT’s can start to take advantage of this and capitalise on the online marketplace!

As a Personal Trainer with 12 years experience it has been my passion, not to mention my income source, over these years to find people looking to get fit, lose weight, tone up, prepare for pregnancy or generally not feel their age. These people who have looked for help to make sure their efforts are best focused so they can safely, and efficiently reach their goals.

These individuals are not alone, even with the economic situation the way it has been, people have still been heavily investing in their personal image, and more importantly health.

So I ask this question… Do clients have to go to a gym, book personal training sessions and budget accordingly to achieve everything they need?

Online training is now a massive industry. Type Online Personal Trainer into Google and over 51 million results appear with offerings globally all trying to attract you. So what is it?

Online training is the latest way, for personal trainers specifically, to, let’s be honest, earn more money. Usually, the limitations for PTs are clear. I only have X many hours in a day that I can train people, and a maximum of Y I can charge. Reach X and Y and you are at your ceiling. This is not to mention availability of potential clients. As a home PT you do not want to be travelling for hours to clients, and as a gym based PT you may only have 1000 members to try and sell your skills to. With online training, the world is your oyster. Anyone with an email account and web access is a potential client, not to mention being able to continue training other too. The idea of being paid by 100 different people a the same time is very attractive.

So how does it work?

For my business NHPT we offer a simple online package whereby clients can choose a length of time they want to commit form and fill out a questionnaire and food diary. Based on this a plan will be tailored to their specific needs which includes all nutritional information they require to reach your goals, what exercise session to do on what day, all exercises included, notes to be aware of, such as technique, number of repetitions and sets to perform and at what speed.

Online training, good, bad and indifferent. I look at it simply. It’s a great alternative option. Not everyone wants to join a gym, not everyone can afford a personal trainer and not everyone wants to go to the village hall with Janice from the local supermarket fish counter and Zumba the night away. It, therefore, provides people with 100% tailored advice and fitness programmes without leaving home.

Take a look at our Personal Trainer Insurance for more details.

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