How Much Should Pet Business Owners Charge Their Clients?

Each pet business is different and therefore you will need to carefully consider the following when deciding what to charge your customers for the service you are providing to them and their pets.

Do your research

Market research is key when starting any business and scoping out price points. It is important to know what the competition has to offer and at what price.

Once you know the average price, you can decide where you want to sit in the market.

You may decide to offer a premium service and therefore want to charge more or you may want to offer a similar price to the competition and stay competitive.

Know your market

You need to think about the target market in your area. If you are going to be working within a wealthier town or city you may be able to charge a little more for your service and similarly you do not want to price yourself at a point that owners in the area cannot afford.

Get to know your client base and what they would be willing to pay for your service.

Consider your costs

When running a pet business whether dog walking or pet sitting, you will incur some costs in running.

It may be petrol to get to your clients or food to feed the pets you are looking after. You will also need to pay tax on any of earnings and any insurance or licensing so make sure you factor all of this in and are able to cover your costs and make a profit.

Consider offers

cat in bedIt may be a good idea to consider offering your customers better prices for booking your services in advance. Maybe one free walk or a day’s pet sitting when they pay for 10.

This not only means you are able to guarantee the business but will persuade them into becoming a regular customer and they will feel like you are rewarding their loyalty as well as offering them a great service!

Don’t be afraid to change your prices

If you find you have placed your price wrong, don’t be afraid to change. If you have done enough research you should know the market well – if the average price in your area rises, then do the same.

You do not want to undersell your services and if you are offering exactly what your clients need and more then they will not mind paying the extra £’s to get it!

Once you’ve decide you are going to run your business, it’s important to make sure you’re covered for all eventualities. Get an instant quote for our Pet Business Insurance to protect you and your clients.

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