PPE guidance for hairdressers and barbers

With salons officially open in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown, it’s incredibly important to make sure you have the right salon Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available, both for your team and your clients.

We have put together the main types of PPE your salon will need…

Face shields

Clear plastic face visors provide a barrier between your face and your client. For this reason, they have been named as an official requirement for hairdressers and barbers who cannot maintain the full 2 metre social distance during any treatment or service.

Disposable Salon Face Masks

Face masks are now a requirement for all staff and clients whilst in a hairdressing salon and barbers.

Perspex Disposable Gloves

While handwashing is recommended as the most effective way to stop the virus spreading, gloves can give clients extra reassurance, particularly during manicures.

However, even when wearing gloves, you should still wash hands regularly and avoid touching your face, otherwise, they will not be effective.

Hygiene Screens

For reception desks and between salon chairs, perspex hygiene screens can add some extra reassurance for times when the full 2 metre social distance might not be entirely possible.

Salon Uniform and Disposable Aprons/Gowns​

It has also been advised by the government that staff are provided with disposable aprons and clients use disposable gowns, rather than washable ones.

Hand Sanitiser

Having hand sanitizing points across the salon can help reduce cross-contamination and help clients feel safe. While handwashing with soap and water is still the most effective hygiene measure, sanitiser is particularly useful for when clients first enter the salon.

Disposable Towels

These are ideal for hairdressers and barbers that are washing client’s hair, disposable towels reduce the need to continuously wash your towels after every client.

Should you ask clients to wear PPE?

According to the government guidelines, you will need to ask clients to wear a face mask in all hairdressing and barber shops from 8th August 2020.

There is also official government guidance on reopening your salon, which covers everything from PPE to hygiene procedures, social distancing and more.

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