What Does Professional Indemnity Match mean for you?

We have recently further improved our personal trainer insurance product to include a professional indemnity match but what does that mean for you and why is this so important to trainers?

Most PT’s believe that their public liability will offer total cover against a claim which is simply not the case. Public liability does not protect against claims made by a third party who argues that they have been injured as a result of advice or instruction received from a personal trainer.

Professional Indemnity, on the other hand, does just that. This will pay out for legal costs associated with fighting a claim of injury by a client for negligent advice or guidance given as well as any subsequent compensation.

In the past personal trainers have approached us for advice and guidance for public liability as often gyms will ask to see proof of this before letting them use the facilities to teach. Not many seem to be aware of the need for professional indemnity or the extra coverage it provides.

personal trainer with client planMost policies will include this cover however more often than not it is a lot lower than the level of public liability which simply does not make sense. Injury or damage resulting from alleged negligent advice is likely to be just as costly as a claim for a trip or fall.

This is why Protectivity have decided to add Professional Indemnity Match onto our insurance. This means that whatever level of public liability cover you select; we will give you the same level of professional indemnity at no extra cost!

We believe making personal trainers more aware of the need for professional indemnity will help to avoid costly claims being brought against them which their insurance does not cover them for.