Protecting yourself and your expensive dog

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In 2011 a Red Tibetan Mastiff sold for a monumental 10 million Chinese Yuan (nearly £1 million) to become the world’s most expensive dog.

While the vast majority of people don’t have that kind of money to hand, let alone spend it on a dog, the cost of purchasing a pooch can often reach lofty heights.

The dog named the Chinese equivalent of ‘Big Splash’ is a rarity but Tibetan Mastiffs often fetch prices of £2,000.

More common dogs, such as the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and English Bulldog can often be sold for four-figure fees themselves.


Professional dog walkers regularly take responsibility for these animals, who are not only loved by their owners, but can also cost a lot of money.

And although the vast majority of dog walkers provide a service that goes without a hitch, problems do occur.

Dogs can injure themselves (or worse), while out on a walk with their professional carer while the inquisitive nature of some dogs can lead to them going missing.

For example in July 2016 four dogs went missing when their walker’s van was stolen by thieves in south London.

Just one month later and again in the capital, criminals snatched six dogs from another van, including two pugs and a Chihuahua, dogs often seen as ‘designer breeds’.

Should any of these things happen whilst walking a client’s dog, they could be held responsible for any financial implications that ensue.

Protecting a business from such claims is possible through something called Care, Custody and Control cover.

This means that should a dog get injured, go missing, or even die while in the care of a dog walker, that professional would be covered if claims were brought against them.

Protectivity’s Pet Business Insurance policy includes £25,000 of Care Custody and Control cover as standard, providing peace of mind to anyone walking dogs professionally.

Policies start at around £65 a year, and with that coming in at 30 times less than the cost of a French Bulldog, for example, taking the risk really isn’t worth it.

While ‘Big Splash’ may be valued at a tad more than most dogs, ensuring you have Care, Custody and Control cover with your insurance could protect you from a monumental financial hit should the worst happen.