Broker News: Sports & Leisure Market Post Lockdown

The government has recently released its plans to ease lockdown and lift us back into some sort of normality. This will include a gradual increase back into some sort of normality for the sports and leisure industry and will hopefully mean more enquiries for those seeking insurance with specialists like yourselves. This will happen over 4 main steps;

Step 1
On and after 8th March, all schools will reopen, which will mean that school sports and activities will become available as part of the UK’s education provision, albeit under the same restrictions prior to the latest lockdown.

On and after 29th March, outdoor sporting and activity facilities will become available for all ages, things such as tennis and basketball courts, golf courses and open-air swimming pools, will also be allowed to reopen. There will still be restrictions however, including the rule of six, which we are familiar with by now.

Step 2
On or after 12th April, indoor facilities should start to reopen, subject to a suitable and expected COVID rate. This will mean facilities such as gyms, indoor club facilities, leisure and community centres and indoor swimming pools will start to open. This will still only apply to individuals and household groups, meaning indoor club facilities can only look to partially open to allow suitable restrictions. Outdoor hospitality should also be able to operate, meaning events will be a consideration, subject to suitable authority licencing and similar.

Step 3
If all has gone well up to this stage, starting no earlier than 17th May, organised indoor group sports for adults (as children can do this if part of an education provision, as per step 1) will be permitted. This will include group activities, like exercise classes provided by freelancers. We will also see a re-introduction of spectators at events.

Public events will be permitted subject to government guidance and local restrictions, the majority will follow the following rule of thumb. Indoor events will be able to have 1,000 people or 50% of a venue’s capacity, whichever is lower. Outdoor events will be able to take place at a capacity of 50% or 4,000 people, whichever is lower. For large, outdoor venues, crowds will be permitted up to 10,000 people or 25% of capacity, whichever is lower.

Step 4
No earlier than 21st June, government restrictions on social contact will be lifted, including those laid out above on event capacities. If all goes well, we should be able to move on to the new normal by this date with the majority of our vulnerable community vaccinated. Until such a time we get to this stage, it is still encouraged to exercise no more than once a day, outdoors and only with your own household and/or support bubble or if no one available then one other person from another bubble is fine subject to suitable distancing.

If you want to keep an eye on how these events unfold and see what the latest is with regards to restrictions you can visit the government website.

If you have any feedback or any information you wish to share, please contact your account manager, whose contact details can be found within the broker platform, on the homepage, top right.

Our Club and Clubhouse Insurance

Our Club and Clubhouse Insurance policy products encompass all activity led clubs, regardless of their size. If you have a club that is only considering liability cover for their responsibilities and actions whilst taking part in club activities and/or their occupiers liability when utilising their club house for public provision and functions, then our club policy can consider the public liability standalone or you can opt to add on additional comprehensive covers, such as;

– Professional indemnity cover, which is specifically worded to cover the clubs breach of professional duty by negligent, dishonest or fraudulent act, including cover for libel and slander;

– Employers Liability;

– Directors and Officers Liability, which will cover committee members and/or trustees of the club for losses arising by wrongful acts, disqualification proceedings, investigation attendance, employment claims and much more;

– Personal Accident cover, will cover members of the club for accidents arising from taking part in the clubs activities and/or travelling to a location, to undertake in said activities. Claims are considered for death, disablement, medical expenses, loss of income and so on.

Our Club House policy includes considerations for comprehensive material damage specifications on an all risk basis including buildings, machinery and plant, fixtures and fittings, playing surfaces, portable equipment, money with personal accident, loss of licence, business interruption and much more.

Main Considerations

‘Contact Sports’ liability and personal accident cover exclude participant/member to participant/member injury and damage, meaning inherent injuries related to contact sports are an exclusion on our policies.

An understanding of the insured’s affiliations with national governing bodies and associations. Some of these include member cover, which can incorporate aspects of liability relating to club provision. So as to understand these lines of coverage we may ask more about other coverage in place.

Non standard construction and combustible buildings are a main consideration when it comes to material damage. We will be unable to cover a 100% non standard timber built property for example, however we may consider it if its only contents covered within these types of structures, this would be dependant on the properties other features, security and so on