Summer Pet Care Tips

It’s predicted to be the hottest week of the year and as a pet business owner or those looking after pets it is vital to keep them happy and healthy during the summer!

Here are some of our tips on what you should do and not do with the pets in your care during hot weather.

Avoid pavements and walking at midday

Pavements and tarmac can get very hot especially in the middle of the day and these can easily burn pads of animals. If you can walk on grass or shaded areas and early or late in the day to avoid the height of the heat. Make sure you take plenty of water and try not to make the exercise too strenuous for them, shortening walks if they are too hot.

Avoid using muzzles

A dog wearing a muzzle cannot regulate their temperature through panting and therefore will likely over heat. Make sure they have lot’s of water and shade to cool themselves down.

Ensure access to water and shade

Any animal in your care should have access to plenty of water and shade so they are able to cool themselves down in the heat.

Never leave an animal in the car

Even for a short period of time, never leave a pet in the car. Even on a day which may not seem hot to you, the temperature in the car can rise substantially in just a few minutes which can cause fatal heatstroke.

Know your breeds

Some breeds such as Pugs, Pekingnese and others can be more prone to heatstoke in hot climates due to already have respiratory problems. If you have any in your care be extra vigilant and sure they remain cool and watered.

Know the signs of heatstroke

Often pets do not show any signs of heat stroke however it is important to keep an eye on any warning signs which may indicate you need to take an animal to the vet and cool it down. Signs can be excessive panting and drooling, becoming lethargic and drowsy and uncoordinated.

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