The Benefits of Starting a Blog for your Business

When you are running a small business, it can be difficult to find the available resource for writing blogs which may seem like a ‘nice to do’. However, it is actually an important area to focus on with several benefits to blog writing that can help to drive your business.

Relationship building

We all know the value of communicating directly with consumers and an advert that will enable that level of targeting can often be out of the reach of a small business owner due to budget constraints.

Writing a blog enables you to build a brand image or communicate a message in a different way to a press, radio or digital advert. Creating a more personal side of your brand or business, you can invite customers to respond to a blog, opening the door for a conversation. Writing a blog can also help to drive brand loyalty, ensuring that customer retention is higher.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Fresh content will always help to drive better search engine performance for your brand. Ensure that your blog includes lots of keywords so that search engines such as Google identify key content.

The more content and pages that you have on your website, the more your domain is indexed in search engines. As a result, you can see improved organic search visibility and drive additional website traffic.

You can further benefit if external websites link to articles on your website, driving additional traffic (and potential customers) your way!

A relevant blog with key longtail search terms will also help to drive organic traffic. For example, if you are a Reiki practitioner and publish a blog on your website about the benefits of Reiki treatments to your well-being you can increase your ranking for such longtail queries.

Added brand value

Customers always appreciate any added value that they can get. Your website will be key to providing important information about your brand or company and the service or products that you offer.

If you are also able to offer valuable and interesting information, then this will create a positive brand image. Try and include some additional tips in your blogs, for example if you are a dog walker why not write a blog informing customers how they can help to keep their dog cool in hot weather? This rich content may lead consumers to feel that they are getting some added value, and benefit from your brand or business.

Share content

The age of social media means that we are all constantly sharing information. Brands and businesses can adopt the same technique to spread their own messages.

If you create some key and insightful content which is likely to be shared you can easily promote your message in a relatively easy and cost-effective way. For example, if you are a personal trainer and write a blog with some great tips for clients to get the best results from their fitness programme, then this could become shareable content.

Be sure to include a reference to your business, and indeed your website, and you have instantly generated some cost-effective advertising!

Expert information

A credible, well written blog will not only be useful for the reader but can also indicate that you are a source of knowledge within your industry. Not only will this industry expert positioning strengthen the faith that existing clients hold in you, but it will also attract and appeal to new clients and customers.

When writing a blog, it is essential that you ensure that it is informative, easy to read and relevant. So, make sure that the subject has a connection to your brand or business – for example if you are a personal trainer, you might write a blog about the benefits of a healthy diet for those looking to get in shape.

Don’t make your blog too lengthy, a word count of between 500-750 words allows you to give enough information without losing the readers interest. Keep in mind these important points and you too could start seeing the benefits of starting a blog for your business.

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