The Essential Barber Equipment And Supplies

It is essential to make sure that as a barber you have the correct equipment to be able to provide your clients with a great haircut, leaving them happy with the service that you have provided and willing to come back for their next cut.

Here are some key supplies that a barber should have.

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Most of your clients will require a cut using clippers, so be sure to invest in a good quality product to ensure that they aren’t going to break easily. They must be comfortable for you to use as you will be cutting hair for most of the day.

It is also worth having spares in case of breakages. There would be nothing worse than dropping your clippers during the middle of a cut and you then can’t finish it.


Barber Equipment - ClippersHaving the right scissors might seem obvious but it is so important that all the tools you have are perfect for the job.

Make sure that you invest in a good quality pair of scissors, perfect for that final trim and for any clients who do not like to use clippers. Make sure that you have spares in case any are damaged during the day.


If you are going to be offering shaving services as one of your treatments then you need to decide what kind of shave you will be providing. If you will be practising more traditional barbering skills then you will need a straight edge razor, which you can use again and again.

However, you might prefer to use a disposable razor depending on your training and your client base. Whatever you decide then make sure you have the right tools for the service you offer.


Make sure that you have a range of sizes of combs available to be able to work with the different types of hair that you are likely to be cutting.

Hair products

You are likely to experience a range of hair types and as such you need to make sure that the products you stock will be able to cover all types. Make sure that the shampoos, conditioners, wax and gels that you use on your clients are of good quality.

Selling these products for your clients to take home is a good opportunity to increase your earnings so you want them to have a good experience.


Don’t underestimate the impression that the furniture in your salon will create. The way it looks will contribute to the overall style of the salon and its comfort has an obvious value in creating a pleasant experience for your clients.

You will (hopefully) have a lot of clients passing through your salon so invest in good quality furniture that creates the right impression and will last.

It is also worth making sure that there is a hairdryer available. Some clients might be going straight to an event after you have cut their hair so will need a final polished look when they leave the salon.

You might have clients bringing their children in for haircuts so be prepared with scissors and combs available for cutting children’s hair. If you are able to, then invest in quieter clippers as this will help any children who are worried by the noise and vibrations of clippers.

Consider the detail in your salon. Make sure that you have copies of a range of newspapers and magazines available for your clients. Remember that they should be up to date and in good condition.

Offering refreshments to your clients is a nice touch so make sure that you have a nice set of cups, mugs and glasses so you can offer tea, coffee or a cold drink either while your clients are waiting or during their cut.

Mirrors have an obvious importance for showing your clients their finished look. Consider this as part of the overall look and feel of the salon and make sure that your mirrors play a part in this. You might also want to consider having smaller handheld mirrors available for clients to be able to take a closer look. All mirrors should be cleaned regularly to give the very best impression.

It is important to remember that even the smallest details in your salon can contribute to the overall impression and service that you provide to your clients. Ensure that your equipment is of a good quality and standard so that it will serve you well.

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