The Resources Needed to Organise Your Own Sports Event

Sports events have the ability to bring together the masses, whether they are record breakers or simply looking to achieve. Often sports events can be used to celebrate, achieve or raise money. Whatever the objective, any sports events require a lot of resources to make it a success.
Here are just some resources that you will need to make your event one to remember. The exact requirements will depend on the size of event, activities that are included and location but these are the basic elements to consider as part of the planning process.

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• Venue – ensure that you have all of the necessary permissions to hold an event at the venue you have chosen and that all the relevant authorities have been notified. Contact the local council for details of any licences that might be required.

• Advertising – Put in place a strategy to advertise the event. Contact the local paper, use social media and promote through sports clubs to reach as many people as possible.

• Insurance – There will be a minimum amount of sports event insurance required to cover any incidents during the event and protect the organising committee in the event of cancellation for reasons beyond your control. Policies can be tailored depending on requirements, visit our Sports Event Insurance page for more details. You will need at least public liability to cover injury or damage.

• Staff – don’t underestimate how much support you will need to make your event a success. Depending on the time of the event you are planning, you will need marshalls, first aiders, administrators and security (see below). Ensure that staff you recruit are reliable and hold all of the necessary qualifications (ie. First aiders). Where possible utilise volunteers – get in touch with local schools, universities and sports clubs as these are often a great source of volunteers.

• Health and Safety – conduct a full risk assessment to consider any potential issues and how they might be overcome. Advice can be found on the Health and Safety Executive site.

• Security – depending on the size of your event and the profile of athletes attending, you might require a security presence to help manage the event. Ensure that you use a reputable agency for this and that they have all of the necessary licences and insurance in place. .

Here are some other great hints and tips to consider too when organising your sports event:

1. Have a wet weather plan – can the event still go ahead in the event of rain, or even snow?

2. Invite the local paper – get them to come along and take pictures and get a write up to help raise the profile of the event. This is really helpful for annual events especially as you can drive interest for the next year!

3. Consider what refreshments you will provide and who will supply them.

4. Enjoy it! Once all of the planning is over enjoy the event.
So, when you are planning your next sports event, ensure that you have considered the basics and have the right cover in place.

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