Using TikTok to promote your hairdressing business

TikTok is a great new way for hairdressers to join in on current trends and advertise their services online for FREE! TikTok’s algorithm works by showing users content they seem most interested in, and it has turned into a marketing and advertising haven, but not all businesses have jumped onto the bandwagon yet!

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So, what is TikTok?

TikTok is a video-sharing app, that lets you make and share short 15 – 60 second videos and allows its users to showcase their talents. TikTok first launched in 2016 but in the last year or so, it has grown in popularity due to the pandemic and has been something to cure boredom for many!

The emphasis on visual engagement suits hairdressers as there are many ways to flaunt new haircuts and styles they have created. Statistics show that 90% of users log on every day, so it’s important to get ahead of the trend and grow your TikTok following.*

Why TikTok is a must for Hairdressers

Brand Awareness
If you’re looking to grow your client base, it’s highly likely you’ll find them on social media, so utilising social media platforms that your target audience use will always be beneficial for creating brand awareness for your business.

Talent Showcasing
By making and posting TikToks, you can showcase your amazing talent in an affordable, low-effort, and totally effective way. People can see your talent with almost no effort!

Affordable (Completely Free) Marketing
You can make and post these videos for absolutely no cost — which is perfect for hairdressers and barbers who don’t have enormous marketing budgets but still want to reach a lot of people.

How to use TikTok for your hairdressing business.

Your TikToks should be fun, compelling, informative, and an excellent marketing tool all at one time – but it is important to be unique.
Here are a few tips on how to get noticed on TikTok:

Creating video tutorials
‘How to’ videos are popular on TikTok, and mainly revolve around the hair and beauty industry. You could teach your audience how to create the perfect high ponytail or maybe a French braid? It is useful, everyday content that your audience will love, and it also shows your passion for the industry too.

Other examples of TikTok videos include:

• Film a quick video of a client’s hair before anything has been done
• Film what happens next, including washing the hair
• Following that, get a quick video of you mixing the colour
• Film the colour being applied
• Capture the finished results

Use hashtags
Wondering how to get your videos seen? Hashtag your videos! Have a search for the most popular hashtags and then, just like on other social media platforms, use them in your video caption.

Make sure to include specific keywords to make it easy for others to find you. You should also add some local #’s to reach potential clients. As a hairdresser these are some examples of hashtags to use:

#hairdresser #hairstylist #hairsalon #hairtransformation #newhair #hairgoals #hairinsp #hairin (then add your city/town). 

Publish In-Feed Native Ads
In-feed ads appear when users scroll through your ‘For You’ page (like the ones you see when scrolling through Instagram Stories).

With in-feed ads, you can get even more creative. These clips can last anywhere between 9 and 15 seconds and allow you to add a call-to-action button. Hairdressers, for example, can add a ‘book your appointment’ button which can direct people straight to your booking system if they like what they see.

If you choose to use TikTok advertising, remember that people can easily swipe past your videos – so it’s more important than ever to grab a user’s attention within the first few seconds.

Make Your Content Fun
You want to find a great balance between informative content that showcases your skills and fun content. TikTok is a space for users and brands to experiment with trends and show your personality.

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