The top 5 skydiving locations in the world

Few thrills in life can beat skydiving. The adrenaline rush that comes from hurtling towards the earth at speed, taking in some spectacular views is something else.

For some, simply toppling out of that plane is enough. For others though, the location in which they take their skydive can be the big difference.

There are a number of incredible settings in which you can get that adrenaline fix, so choosing where is tough.

With options all around the world, here’s one location in five different continents to take your skydiving adventure.

Europe – Tyrol, Austria

The Alps remain one of Europe’s most incredible natural settings and what better way to enjoy them than from above. The western Austrian state of Tyrol is home to a number of locations to experience one of the best dives on the continent.

Snow-capped peaks and pristine lakes fill the landscape as you take in your surroundings from 10,000 feet in the air.

Asia – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In Dubai, you get the feeling that they like to do things bigger and better than anywhere else. It is from the air that you can get a real taste of this.

From the skyscrapers that line Sheikhzayedroad to the biggest of them all in the Burj Khalifa to the incredible Palm Jumeirah that juts out into the Gulf of Dubai, this really does provide a picture-postcard jump.


Africa – Victoria Falls, Zambia

The largest waterfall in the world provides quite a setting for skydiving. The cascading waters of the Zambezi River provide the ultimate soundtrack to your jump over one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

There really isn’t a better view of the falls than from 9,000 feet in the air.



North America – Hawaii, United States

The beautiful colours of the Pacific Ocean go about making a skydive over Hawaii one of the best about. The turquoise waters may hurtle towards you at speeds of 120mph, but once that parachute opens you can really appreciate the view.

In winter you can sometimes spot whales during their yearly migration. What you can see year round though are the coast-lines of Hawaiian islands, the Wai’anae Mountain range and much, much more.


Oceania – Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Separated by just 25km the Fox and Franz Glaciers located on New Zealand’s south island remain to of the most accessible in the world. However, it is from the air that you can really appreciate the receding wonders of the Southern Alps.

Capture everything from Mt Cook to the rainforests of the South Island to the Tasman Sea  as you soar high above Fox, the largest of the two glaciers from 16,500 feet.

If all of these sights have got you in the mood to go skydiving, make sure you’re covered. Our Skydiving Insurance policy protects you from things such as cancellation and emergency medical fees.