Top Tips for Excellent Customer Experience

Customer service is out and customer experience is in! As consumers we expect a lot more and are a lot more clued up on our rights than ever before. Therefore, customers now expect from you a great experience and not just the service you offer. This starts long before a customer has even made contact with a company. The experience begins with the customers first recognition the brand, this could be using the website, looking at social media, advertising, etc. This continues all the way through their interaction and purchase with the company and continued relationship after. Therefore, it is vitally important for businesses to get it right when it comes to their customers.

customer experience1. Know Your Product/Service
It seems obvious but knowing the service you offer inside and out will always help when interacting with clients and potential customers. Being able to answer queries there and then will give your customers the confidence that you know exactly what you are talking about and what you are doing. If they have trust in you and your business, they are much more likely to invest their money in you.

2. Be Friendly
Another seemingly obvious trick but the truth is it is simple and 100% effective. It is surprising how much a smile or a thank you can improve someone’s day. This should be on any interaction with clients or potential customers such as email, over the phone or face to face. If a customer feels comfortable feels valued, then they are much more likely to keep coming back and recommend you to others.

3. Ask for feedback
Customers like to know that they are listened to and that their feedback is important. Asking for feedback is great way to improve your business as well as showing customers that they are important and valued and keeping them happy with your product or service. You can even go on to use this positive feedback you receive to market your business!

customer experience4. Personalise
The most vital part of a customer’s interaction with any brand is that they feel special and cared for. Therefore, one size fits all doesn’t always work when it comes to customer experience! You need to be adaptable and tailor your service to the different types of customers you have to make sure each one gets the most out of their interaction with you.

5. Keep in Touch
This is a continuation of the personalised service making customers feel valued. Keep a record of birthdays, when they first became a customer or even how many times you they have used your product services. You can then send emails, texts or correspondence personal to them. These could just include a friendly reminder that your company are still around, to wish them a happy birthday or give them an offer because they have used your service a set amount of times. Anything which makes them feel cared for. At the same time this also acts as a reminder and is great for brand awareness.

If you and your business keep to these simple but effective tips, your customers will gain that vital positive customer experience meaning they are likely to recommend you to others. This is important not only for customer satisfaction but also marketing purposes as word of mouth and friend recommendations are the best free marketing any business can get!