The UK’s top 5 unique fitness classes

The fitness landscape is constantly changing. Newer and more innovative ways to keep fit and encourage others to get active always appearing in our social media timelines, proclaiming to be the new fitness craze.

Rather than dismissing these new workout routines as mere fads, we’re celebrating the more unusual, or simply unique, ways people are getting their fitness hits.

Want to get out of the tradition gym scene? Or maybe you want to add a string to your bow as a personal trainer – Try these five classes for starters…


What is it?

People may debate whether this is legitimately a workout, but the initial popularity of Napercise is easy to see. Set up “to combat the stress-inducing nature of modern life”, participants snuggle up for 40 winks for three-quarters of an hour to a backdrop of atmospheric tunes.

Scoff at the thought at your peril. The initial trial period for these classes were very quick to fill up, and a national roll-out could soon be on the cards.

Where can you try it?

Initial taster sessions were launched at David Lloyd Clubs in Glasgow, and with the success of them, further classes are planned in Bromsgrove and Worcester. Looking at the encouraging initial take-up, further classes across the UK could be imminent.

Anti-gravity Yoga

What is it?

Imagine trying to perfect ‘Downward Facing Dog’ while suspended from the ceiling. There’s no need to imagine anymore with anti-gravity yoga becoming more and more popular.

Combining gymnastics with yoga, hanging from the ceiling using an ‘anti-gravity hammock’ participants are able to “change ones dynamic relationship to the ground, allowing the participants to better understand their body and it’s relationship to physics”.

Where can you try it?

The majority of classes are centred around London, though classes in Inverness, Manchester, Birmingham and Bury St Edmunds do give those further away from the capital to give it a try.


What is it?

Described by The Independent as a workout that is “set to be the fitness trend of 2017”, it might pay to get in early to avoid the mad rush when it comes to FloatFit.

Available in two different classes – floating yoga or HIIT – participants engage their body in an attempt to stay afloat on their special FloatFit board, thus giving them an even more full on workout, the classes bring an enjoyable twist to two fitness and wellness classics.

Where can you try it?

After launching solely in London, the rise of FloatFit has been fast, with 21 locations now on offer to give the classes a try.


What is it?

Just when you though a spinning class couldn’t be any more intense. Looking to add more resistance to your workout? Then putting your peddle power to the test underwater is for you.

Course providers encourage you to try an number of movements and poses while keeping those wheels spinning, offering an all-round, satisfying session.

Where can you try it?

Most Aqua Cycling locations are concentrated to London. However, Nuffield Health in Guildford can also serve those based in the south-east of the UK.

Trampoline fitness

What is it?

According to experts, a workout on a trampoline is three-times as effective as standard techniques, with 10 minutes equivalent to half-an-hour on a treadmill.

Not only is it an excellent way to work most muscles in your body, but a trampoline workout is incredibly fun. It’s not a new method of workout, with such a thing around since the 1980s, but in recent year the trampoline fitness session has made a comeback in a big way.

Where can you try it?

((Bounce)) are just one trampoline fitness operation in the UK. You can find their classes in 70 different locations around the country, while other providers are available.


So what are you waiting for? Get out and try some of these awesome workouts for your self.

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