Video: They key to marketing your business

With Facebook now placing more emphasis than ever on video content on the platform and other social media soon to follow suit, it is becoming the favourite marketing content. But how and why should you be using it to promote your business?

Video commands attention but hurry, there’s not long to catch it!

We can barely go a minute without scrolling through our Facebook feeds and seeing video after video. And it takes just 2.3 seconds for someone to decide if they want to continue watching or not. Therefore, to compete with all the media already out there you need to be seen and seen quick. Various studies have found that video content attracts stronger consumer attention than any other type of content and therefore your video needs to be engaging and interesting to your target audience and hook them in within the first seconds.

Google really likes video….

Studies have shown that those who use video on their own websites increase their chance of being on the front page of their Google result by 53 times. Having great video not only increases your customer engagement but can have SEO benefits meaning it can attract new customers! Make sure it is relevant to the phrase you want to rank for and you place it around content that contains your key search phrases!

You can trick Facebook into showing your content to more people

Facebook has clear favourite media on the site and if you use Facebook for marketing then it is good to know that video is the front runner. Images will be distributed well by Facebook but video will be shown to an even wider audience. Therefore, at no additional cost to you, you can ensure that you content on Facebook is seen by the maximum number of people.

Engagement is high!

Audiences are 10 times more likely to engage, share and interact with your content if it is video. Engaging with your audience is key if you want to retain them in your customer base. They are more likely to promote your business on their own social feeds and keep visiting your website to keep up with what is going on.