Wedding dress insurance: A guide

So, after years, possibly decades, of imagining and secretly planning your wedding day, it has now become a reality. There are many elements to consider when planning the big day, from searching for the perfect place to say ‘I do’, to selecting the people that you want to share your day with.

As well as all the finer details like colours, cake and entertainment that will all contribute to making your day perfect. You may already be visiting venues, planning menus and tasting cake but one of the most significant elements of your big day is likely to be ‘The dress’.

Why purchase wedding dress insurance?

According to Bride Book, the average wedding now costs more than £30,000. According to the same survey,nearly 10% of this total cost is spent on the wedding attire for the bridal party. With the bride, groom, bridesmaids, ushers and best man to consider, the costs can add up.

It is likely that the brides dress is likely to have the highest value out of all the wedding party outfits with the average dress costing over £1,000. With such a lot of money being spent on the big day it is certainly worth couples considering taking out an insurance policy to protect themselves should anything go wrong ahead of the big day itself.

Whether you have paid hundreds or thousands, your wedding dress is likely to be the most precious item of clothing that you have ever owned. Choosing a wedding dress is not only a big investment in terms of money; brides will spend a lot of time and effort in finding their perfect gown.

Wedding dress fitting in shop

Most dresses have a lead time of at least 6 months, so it is likely that booking the venue and hunting for the perfect dress are the jobs at the top of your wedding to-do list.

What does wedding dress insurance cover?

When you have finally collected your beloved dress, it is likely that it will be hung with care at home or at a relative’s house for safekeeping until the big day arrives. But what happens if an accident in the house means that something gets spilled on it or one of your beloved pets decides to use it as a chew toy?

There is not just a risk of the dress getting damaged either, there is also a chance that it might get lost when you relinquish guardianship of it to a relative or trusted friend before the ceremony.

A wedding dress hanging up

With the time and money that has been spent on selecting the perfect gown, it’s best to be prepared should the unthinkable happen.