Wedding Hairdressers: how to attract more clients?

Building an effective marketing plan which attracts lots of wedding clientele can seem like an overwhelming task. However, follow these 4 tips on how to market your wedding hairdressing business and you’ll be on the right track to ensuring more brides book you.

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Tip One: Your marketing strategy

Step 1: Does your website sing and shout “wedding hairdresser”?

A lot of brides start their search for a wedding hairdresser near where they live or close to the venue, which means that they’ll start their hunt online. So, your salon or mobile hairdressing website should promote this service in a well-defined bridal section with stunning professional photos of happy brides with gorgeous hairstyles.  But what’s most important, you need to ensure that your website is also optimised and appears in Google’s local business listings. By registering your business address and utilising the right keywords, your wedding hairdressing services will rank and appear in the local search results.

You should also keep your blog up to date with regular publications on topics featuring ‘Best Bridal Hairstyles” or “Top Tips for Honeymoon Hair” where brides can get ideas and inspiration and keep coming back to your website.

Step 2. Make most of social media

There’s nothing more impressive on social media than a visual transformation, and wedding hairdressers are best at it.  Whilst posting photos and blogs might be fairly straightforward, a lot of hairdressers struggle to find the time to use social media marketing effectively.  However, it’s vital for raising awareness of your brand and showcasing the work that you are most proud of, so you need to invest your time and budget into it.

Salons or mobile hairdressers usually target new customers by geographical location and social media advertising can make that really easy. If you’ve got an advertising budget, albeit small, and you want to reach more people in your local area, it’s a good idea to try using paid social media or ask an expert to help you with this. You can learn 10 Great Tips For Your Hairdressing Facebook Page

Step 3: Do your bridal brochures and leaflets look perfect?

Your bridal brochure is a great conveyor of information about your business, but you can take it up a notch and make it bring even more clients to you, by providing enticing discounts, information about opening events, promotions, new services, happenings, or overall information about your hairdressing business. Most bridal leaflets are created for marketing purposes, so including pictures of your services, a list of treatments and products you utilise would be a great addition.

Step 4: Customer reviews matter

You should try and make the most of referrals, website testimonials and social feedback, which are vital to making that first great impression and building those feelings of trust and confidence in your business.

Many companies underestimate the power of customer-written online hairdressing reviews—or don’t realise at all what these testimonials can do for their business. Online reviews are helpful in boosting reputation and sales, but they also represent an untapped resource for ideas for improvement or expansion. Embracing your online reviews and taking into consideration customer feedback will help your business’ continued success. 

Tip Two: Network with local wedding businesses

Networking is essential if you want your hairdressing business to grow. Many cringe when they hear the term “networking”, associating it with awkward, cheesy events and the idea of ‘selling’ yourself. But if you want more high-spending brides to use your service, you need to introduce yourself or your salon to local wedding venues, bridal boutiques, florists, wedding planners, photographers… you get the idea. Leave them your wedding brochure or business card on the counter, ask them to recommend you and you can do the same in return. You can also consider attending bridal shows, fairs and events.

Tip Three: Launch refer a friend scheme

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing techniques for the hairdressing business. Brides are most likely to trust recommendations from their friends. You could provide an incentive for them when they spread the word with a reward or free hair styling product if they make a recommendation to a future bride who then books an appointment.

Tip Four: Offer a free salon consultation for brides

Free-of-charge wedding consultations are hard to resist for prospective bridal parties, and once they’re in the chair, you can wow them. Your personality at this stage is almost as important to them as your skill, so give them the chance to get a feel for you as a person, not just another faceless bridal hair artist.

The complimentary wedding consultation might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how often this is neglected. You need to make this offer clear on all mediums – your hairdressing website, social media and printed marketing materials. And if the future bride wishes to have it a year earlier it should be absolutely fine! 

Arguably the biggest challenge in the hairdressing industry is finding new clients. For wedding hairdressers it’s even harder, being such a niche and highly competitive market. Trying these tips will help you attract new clients, keep your calendar full and your hairdressing business flowing.

If you wish to learn more tips on marketing your hair salon, you can read our blog: Top Tips on Marketing Your Hair Salon.

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