Wedding Marquee Insurance

Every year thousands of couples up and down the country will opt to use a marquee at their wedding.

Whether hiring huge structures to hold hundreds of guests, or a smaller tipi or wigwam, it’s important to take out wedding marquee insurance.

The average marquee hire cost is often into four-figures. Therefore the cost of repairing a damaged tent or gazebo can therefore be expensive too. But with the correct wedding insurance in place, you can be covered from these costs.

Most policies designed to cover weddings won’t include your marquee as standard. Many providers, including here at Protectivity, allow you to add on a marquee insurance extension to all policies.

What is covered?

This additional benefit will protect you and your guests from being financially liable for any damage caused. Under our Wedding Insurance policy, we can provide an additional £25,000 of cover in this instance.

So for example, if high winds or storms caused damage to your marquee, you would be covered. Similarly if a guest tripped and fell into the structure causing damage, the repair costs are handled by your insurance.

Naturally, as not many of us own a marquee of our own, this extension includes marquees hired for your wedding. The cover is in place in the whole hired period, but there are some exceptions to be aware of.

What Does Wedding Marquee Insurance Cover?

Important exemptions

It’s important to ensure that the marquee is erected and dismantled correctly. Often the hire company will take care of this themselves, but if you are required to assemble the structure couples should be aware that damage will not covered during the put-up and take-down of the marquee. There is also an exclusion on our policy which says that any damage that is caused due to the defective erection, use or disablement will also be excluded.

Another thing to consider when choosing your wedding marquee is that there is suitable space for it. It may sound obvious, but couples should check with their venue that there is an area big enough and flat enough for your structure of choice.

You will also need to think about how you will obtain power inside your marquee. Many hire companies will supply a generator but you may be required to source your own. Most wedding insurance policies will exclude claims relating to the generators themselves so remember to be extra careful.

In summary, if you are considering wedding marquee hire, there isn’t much too it. Just ensure the logistics work for your venue, think about the safety of your guests and remember to take out wedding marquee insurance in good time ahead of your big day.