What Should You Include In Your Dog First Aid Kit?

Our dogs are very precious and often regarded as one of the family. And if you are a dog walker or dog groomer, there is often an added pressure on you to ensure the safety of the animal in your care.

So, if a dog is injured it is important to be prepared to give basic first aid. Here are some suggestions on what you should include in a dog first aid kit.


· Wound dressings in a range of sizes.

· Cotton wool will be useful to clean a wound and surrounding area.

· Bandages.

· Surgical tape or duct tape to help keep dressings in place.


· Blunt ended scissors (curved) for cutting bandages

· Tweezers to remove any foreign objects which can become embedded in paws for example

· Thermometer for monitoring an animal’s temperature.


Dog First Aid - Gloves· Vinyl gloves are important as this prevents any further contamination of the injury. Gloves should only be used once and should be disposed of when finished with

· Antiseptic wipes are important for cleaning a wound to reduce the chance of infection

· Sterile saline wash – this is useful if an animal has something in their eye that you need to wash out

· Plastic pouches/bags can help to protect a wound from contamination but can also protect your car or home from any blood spillages

Other Useful Items

· Thick Towel – Useful for restraining some smaller dogs

· Blanket – If larger animals (eg. Large dogs) need to be moved but are difficult to carry then a blanket can be used as a stretcher

· Water – Of course water is important for any animal at all times, but if you are out and about then it is always suggested that you carry water with you. This can either be for the dog to drink or to help in cleaning wounds or washing off toxins

· Emergency numbers – it is worth keeping details of emergency vets handy in case you should need them

In some cases your first aid treatment will be enough, however if required then always contact a vet to get the dog the treatment that they need.

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